January 2015
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Industry Leading AMP Technologies Partners with DiBOSS to Create Capabilities around Internet Of Things (IoT) and Drive Smarter Energy Management

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Industry Leading AMP Technologies Partners with DiBOSS to Create Capabilities around Internet Of Things (IoT) and Drive Smarter Energy Management

Selex ES is an international leader in electronic and information technologies. With this strategic partnership AMP will bring energy management data through Seles ES’ digital building operating system- DiBOSS. This will give clients an operational advantage to view and manage their energy usage at the click of a few buttons.

Bruce Sher, Sr. Vice President of Commercial Business Development for DiBOSS, met with Neel Naicker and Arvind Sathyamoorthy of AMP Technologies to lay out the industry-changing strategy around the benefits of this powerful partnership for the user.

Users will benefit from a real-time digital representation of energy consumption data at a granular level in line with their building usage and occupancies. This will aid operational decisions that in turn drive optimal energy management along with helping the building be more environmentally friendly by shrinking the carbon footprint. With the DiBOSS solution collecting and analyzing data from building control systems and AMP’s leading platform, users can seamlessly match their unique data with the smart grid technology to maximize energy and money savings. This is a sophisticated partnership that is simple and easy to access and brings together an industry changing experience.

This partnership will help clients harness the benefits of smart grid engineering from DiBOSS and optimization solutions from AMP Technologies to drive significant cost savings and operational efficiencies.

Performance Driven Capabilities 

AMP takes all of the data and converts it into valuable, actionable information all in real time and in the palm of your hands. Now with the added capability of smart energy management, cost savings and making smarter business decisions will be simplified. Transforming your business with smarter capabilities and more advanced technology than ever before.

The AMP User Experience is designed to drive smarter data, support flexible tablet and mobile capabilities to drive performance like never before. This means users will have access to a system providing high-level analytics so smarter decisions can be made on all levels the globe on key assets. The partnership between DiBOSS and AMP is powerful and will directly benefit the user.

Tapping into innovation through best-of-breed mobility, cloud infrastructure and collaboration to deliver business intelligence focused on revenue health, risk management and tenant strength. Connecting relative data to operational intelligence so organizations gain extraordinary results. The advanced User Interface delivers Deep Insights on Clients and Tenants that help deliver increased Net Operation Income.

About AMP Technologies

AMP continues to see top Commercial Real Estate organizations request to sign up for their innovative platform and utilize their cost effective service offerings around due diligence, property accounting, lease administration, asset management and data standardization. AMP combines best-of-breed performance with speed and accuracy. Their company is built on what clients need to make their job easier – simplicity is at the core. Intuitive and innovative solutions drive a profitable business; this is what AMP delivers.

For more information visit http://www.theamp.com


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