January 2015
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BACnet/IP Support Extended to Over 200 Modbus Energy Meters

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Fast meter integration with self-contained gateways that incorporates full knowledge of the meter and its data vastly reduces installation and commissioning time.

Brookfield WI, January 22, 2015 – To provide a more cost effective strategy to monitor legacy power monitoring and power equipment, Real Time Automation has extended its device template library support to over 200 different energy meters, generators and power quality devices. These templates easily allow integrators to map legacy Modbus devices to BACnet/IP and other Ethernet based protocols.

Building Automation system integrators are faced with unique energy monitoring challenges. BACnet IP is the backbone network for many municipal and commercial projects. Most legacy metering is done via Modbus and replacing these meters with BACnet/IP meters is not cost effective. Each gateway supports up to 32 Modbus devices meaning your upgrade costs are a per building cost not a per node cost. “Building Automation integrators save two ways; they can save their legacy meters, and they can integrate them on to BACnet faster. That’s a unique value proposition in our industry. If it ain’t broke don’t replace it.” said John Rinaldi, President of Real Time Automation.

The ability to apply a template to device connection means the integrator doesn’t have to manually input a modus register table, map the data to BACnet, or manually apply names to the BACnet data points. The template encompasses that data. Meters from vendors like Eaton, Electro Industries, Schneider, Mitsubishi, Cummins, Generac, GE, Janitza, Siemens, Veris and many others are supported.

Real Time Automation gateways are compact, self-contained DIN rail mounted devices that serve up web pages for application configuration including multiuser password security, change of state rules, data translation, value scaling, data format translations, and email notifications. Alarm rules can be set to trigger email notifications.

For more information: (http://www.rtaautomation.com/)

About Real Time Automation
System Integrators and End Users in the Building Automation Industry use Real Time Automation to Move Data Where You Want, When You Want and How You Want. Information about all Real Time Automation products, which include device converters, protocol gateways, embedded software and OEM hardware solutions is available on Real Time Automation's
corporate website at www.rtaautomation.com. You may also contact Real Time Automation directly by email at products@rtaautomation.com


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