July 2015
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EnTouch Controls Launches Advanced Peak Energy Management Service forRestaurant and Retail Facilities

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Peak Demand Energy Costs Can Be 100 Times Normal; EnTouch Solution Proactively Reduces Energy Spending By Up to 35%
RICHARDSON, TEXAS – July 22, 2015 – EnTouch Controls, a market leader of energy management as a service (EMaaS), today announced its Advanced Peak Energy Management service, which builds on its EnTouch360°™ platform, to enable restaurant and retail facilities to drastically reduce monthly energy spending by curtailing the amount of energy used during peak demand hours.
Because electricity utilities adjust their electricity pricing based on demand, energy costs can quickly skyrocket up to 100 times the normal rate during a peak event. Peak demand occurs during the highest point of consumption, and often lasts for a half hour or more during the day. The timing of peak demand events is difficult to identify and can fluctuate throughout the week or month, especially during winter and summer months.
The EnTouch Advanced Peak Energy Management service leverages the EnTouch360°™ demand response (DR) service, which provides a complete energy management system (EMS) with a full-time team of dedicated energy analysts to monitor and adjust the service as necessary and to work with the facilities team to prioritize alerts and preventative maintenance. The EnTouch360° building control platform is OpenADR 2.0 certified, which makes it possible for restaurant and retail facilities to receive electrical rate information and participate in demand response and peak demand programs.
The EnTouch Advanced Peak Energy Management service coordinates the operation of each HVAC system across all facilities and up to 10 percent of kilowatt-hours (kWh) can be reduced by using a non-aggressive Peak Energy Management program without negatively affecting guest comfort in the facilities.
Using Advanced Peak Energy Management, restaurants and retailers can save up to 35 percent or more of kWh used during a peak demand event, saving facility managers thousands of dollars and improving the overall health of HVAC systems.
With the Advanced Peak Energy Management service, facility managers can rely on an EnTouch team of energy experts to monitor demand response alerts from utilities and alert the facility manager when a peak demand event is going to occur. Facility managers can then decide whether to have the EnTouch team cease or reduce the energy usage of HVAC systems via their EnTouch360° cloud-based energy management system.
“Paying for electricity during a peak demand event is significantly impacting to a facility’s monthly energy expenses, but facility managers often do not have necessary data about peak demand events nor the appropriate time to react,” said Ifty Hasan, chief technology officer of EnTouch. “With our Advanced Peak Energy Management solution, facility managers can rely on the EnTouch team and our technology to help make that decision, with no commitments and very little action required on their part.”
Reliable Controls For more information, visit http://entouchcontrols.com/products-services/entouch-360-managed-services/.
About EnTouch Controls
EnTouch is a pioneer and industry leader in providing energy management as a service (EmaaS). The company’s award winning EnTouch 360™ provides a dedicated team of energy experts who leverages their leading-edge software, best-in-class hardware and real-time analytics to significantly reduce energy consumption while maximizing energy savings. The managed service also provides visibility across key assets while improving operational efficiency and enhancing overall guest comfort. EnTouch 360™ is recognized as the premier solution for its ease of use and unprecedented return on investment (ROI). EnTouch serves customers in diverse business segments, which includes restaurant, retail, healthcare, financial services, hospitality and education. Connect with EnTouch Controls via www.entouchcontrols.com


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