July 2020
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Lynxspring Adds 433 MHz and 868 MHz Options to Its JENEsys® Edge™ 534 Monnit Wireless Sensor Controller

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Lee’s Summit, MO – July 14, 2020 – Lynxspring, Inc. (, a premier developer and provider of open, software and hardware platforms for smart buildings and device-to-enterprise integration and applications, today announced they have expanded their JENEsys® Edge™ 534 Monnit Wireless Sensor Controller to now offer 433 MHz and 868 MHz frequencies. By offering 433 MHz and 868 MHz frequency options, Lynxspring’s JENEsys Edge 534 Monnit Controller can be used in Asia and Europe, in addition to North America.

As part of Lynxspring's portfolio of Edge Enabled™ products, the JENEsys Edge 534 Monnit Controller offers the full Niagara Framework® stack and a built-in wireless transceiver with 900 MHz, 433 MHz and 868 MHz options. This creates a superior edge device for connecting directly to Monnit sensors and deploying a connected sensor network within a building environment. Monnit wireless sensors amplify the benefits of smart building solutions due to their ease of connectivity and strong business case for wireless systems.

The JENEsys® Edge™ 534 Monnit Wireless Sensor Controller combines the full features and functionality of Niagara 4, IP, wireless sensor connectivity, web serving capability, data exchange and integrated control with an on-board Monnit radio that connects to Monnit sensors, therefore eliminating the need for additional Monnit gateways. The JENEsys Edge 534 Monnit Controller works with ProBuilder/Niagara Workbench software, standard Niagara 4 programming tools and Fox Protocol, and easily connects to a Niagara Supervisor, an Enterprise, and the Cloud.

“Wireless sensors can be configured to measure numerous variables and are playing a crucial role in facilitating smart buildings,” said Marc Petock, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer of Lynxspring. “This powerful device meets the building industry’s requirements to connect, manage and control data closer to where the data actually is, whether it be within a single facility or across a multi-site environment, or at the equipment level. The versatility and functionality of our JENEsys Edge 534 Monnit Controller, using the industry’s most widely deployed platform, makes this a powerful, cost-effective and economical solution.”

The JENEsys Edge 534 Monnit Wireless Sensor Controller is part of Lynxspring’s portfolio of Edge Enabled™ modular controllers, bridges and gateways designed to support edge-toenterprise and Cloud applications across multiple market segments.

More information about the JENEsys Edge 534 Monnit Wireless Sensor Controller and all of Lynxspring’s technology, products and services is available at

About Lynxspring, Inc. Embracing open software and hardware platforms, Lynxspring develops, manufactures, and distributes edge-to-enterprise solutions and IoT technology to create intelligent buildings, better energy management systems, equipment control and specialty machine-to-machine and IoT applications. Lynxspring technologies and solutions simplify connectivity, integration, interoperability, data access and normalization and analytics from the edge to the enterprise. The company’s solutions are deployed in millions of square feet of commercial settings in the United States and internationally. More information about Lynxspring is available at


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