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NEBB Announces New Process Commissioning Certification

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Gaithersburg, MD - NEBB is pleased to announce the new Commissioning Process Certified Professional Program.   The NEBB Commissioning Process Certified Professional (CX-PC) certification will be DOE recognized; all certificants will meet any specification calling for “certification recognized by the Department of Energy through its Better Buildings Workforce Guidelines project”.  NEBB has submitted its preliminary application for ANSI Accreditation of this program.

Why is the certification important?
DOE Recognition:  NEBB used the Commissioning Professional Better Buildings Workforce Guidelines Certification Scheme and will be achieving accreditation under ISO/IEC 17024.  The Department of Energy (DoE) and General Services Administration (GSA) will recognize our CX-PC CP certification as high quality, industry endorsed, and nationally recognized.

Why will this credential be specified in the near future?
The purpose of the Better Buildings Workforce Guidelines is to assist certification programs, workers, employers, building owners and managers, energy efficiency program administrators, and government officials in developing and identifying a more consistent and comparable workforce.

Proliferation through Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) Requirements:  Market demand for a high-quality workforce through government and industry recognition of accredited workforce credentialing programs.  For example: local AHJ commissioning ordinances, Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act, employers, building owners, certification programs, and more.

Will this certification replace the existing NEBB Technical Commissioning Certifications?
No.  NEBB’s Technical commissioning programs are in addition to this certification.  There is no Firm Certification available for the CX-PC program at this time.

Exam Package Description
The exam package has a combined value of over $860 and includes the Cx-PC Sourcebook; the application fee; and the cost of the exam.  The Sourcebook is a collection of source material and includes the Candidate Handbook as well as the following industry publications:
–      ASHRAE Standard 202
–      ASHRAE Guideline 0
–      ASHRAE Guideline 1.1
–      ASHRAE Guideline 1.5
–      ASHRAE Guideline 0.2 (when published by ASHRAE)

Control Solutions, Inc Special Exam Opportunity at NEBB 2015 Annual Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii
–      $150 Package Pricing (Half of the regular package price of $300)
–      Includes admission to the Certification Exam.
–      Exam dates:  April 19th and April 23rd, 2015 at the Annual Conference in Hawaii
–      An approved Application to Test is required, along with fees, before being admitted to take the exam.
–      Sourcebook (priced separately from $320 - $376)
–      Exam (regularly priced at $440)
–      Application Fee (regularly priced at $100)
–      CE Credit:   6 CE included
–      Total value:  $860+

For more information, please contact either Tom Meyer, Director, Certification & Industry Relations at or Sheila Simms, Certification Manager at


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