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Buildings expert authors book on Big Data for Energy efficiency

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Jack McGowan, CEM, a national leader in energy, building intelligence and technology, publishes the definitive text on Big Data for efficiency & sustainability. 

About the book: Energy & Analytics...Big Data & Building Technology Integration
Available for delivery July of 2015 by The Fairmont Press

The term Big Data has gotten a lot of attention recently, across many domains.  Most consumers understand the idea of using information (data) from the Internet to track buying preferences. This approach, by companies like™, uses data to enhance the buying process.  Many of us have had the experience of searching online for a book, or other product, and then getting an email later recommending a book, etc. that we might like.  With energy, Big Data can be used in even more exciting ways, not just to change how we buy electricity or natural gas, but to help us manage the way we use that energy to achieve efficiency and sustainability.  Big Data means just that, amounts of information that are so large and complex, as to be overwhelming.  The goal is to use technology to change the data into knowledge, and that is done through Analytics software.  Analytics sift through and analyze data to identify conditions that need to be fixed, and opportunities to improve the efficiency of a home or building. Analytics is more than a trend, it is actually a crescendo of technological development that has unified systems throughout the energy, particularly electricity, and buildings landscape.  Another way to say this is to quote an old adage, you can’t manage what you can’t measure.  Analytics can measure and manage energy, water and sustainability, and without it, it would be difficult big goals such as the City of Santa Fe’s goal to be Carbon Neutral by 2040.

About McGowan

Reliable Controls McGowan’s new book draws on his expertise in managing energy for buildings, campuses and cities, which was recognized when the Association of Energy Engineers admitted him to the International Energy Managers Hall of Fame in 2003.  He was President and CEO of Energy Control Inc., a New Mexico based, and internationally known, energy service company specializing in efficiency, building intelligence and Smart Grid technologies designed to reduce energy and operating costs. McGowan is now semi-retired and consulting with industry leaders throughout the Big Data and Analytics space.  For example, this spring he was hired to work on Analytics solution development for Hudson Yards, a 60 square block, 12 million square foot, $20 Billion project in New York.  He is a Senior Fellow with the Governing Institute in Washington, DC and will moderate a seminar for them called “Big Data Driving Big Results Across the Government Enterprise” in April.  He is Chairman Emeritus of the U.S. Department of Energy GridWise Architecture Council, a think tank created to work on Smart Grid.  McGowan sits on Mayor Gonzales’s Climate Action Task Force and chairs the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy working group. He is a graduate of the University of New Mexico with a Master’s degree in Public Administration.  He served as Director of the New Mexico Energy Conservation and Management Division under Governor Bruce King.  He has published 5 other books and over 200 articles and technical papers on energy and business issues. He is a sought after speaker for national energy conferences, and will give keynote addresses on this topic at several events this year including Haystack Connect, Realcomm and the  Delta Building Conference on the “Future of Everything”.


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