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Utility Monitoring and Control System (UMCS) and HVAC Building Control Systems Design, Installation and Cybersecurity

National Defense University: LH Rm-1119
Fort McNair, Washington DC
12-13 July, 2016 (0830-1700)

In 2015 several Unified Facilities Guide Specifications covering the implementation of Open control systems for the DoD were released:

UFGS 25 10 10 - Utility Monitoring & Control System (UMCS) Front End and Integration

UFGS 23 09 00 - Instrumentation and Control for HVAC

UFGS 23 09 23.01 - LonWorks DDC for HVAC and Other Building Control Systems

UFGS 23 09 23.02 - BACnet DDC for HVAC & Other Building Control Systems

Along with companion Unified Facilities Criteria (UFCs) 3-470-01 (Utility Monitoring and Control System Front End and Integration) and 3-410-02 (Direct Digital Control for HVAC and Other Building Control Systems), these specifications define requirements for control systems using BACnet©, LonWorks© and/or the Niagara Framework©.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is hosting an Industry Forum for these specifications and criteria. This two-day event will include the following topics:

1. The 5-layer architecture used by DoD for control systems and how the specifications fit with this architecture.

2. Specification requirements, with a focus on unique or unusual requirements including their intent and purpose.

3. Discussion of cybersecurity for control systems, including an overview of the cybersecurity UFC and UFGS develpment efforts.

4. Discussion of other related specification development activities, such as the UMCS Testing specification and Electrical Metering specification.

5. Industry Q&A.

The focus of this Forum is on the specification and installation of these control systems; the target audience is architect/engineers who design these systems and the control system installers. Device and system manufacturers are welcome to register and attend, but should note the focus will be primarily on design and installation.

Registration Information

CatNet SystemsSpace is limited, and registration is on a first come basis thus we ask that each organization limit initial registration to a single participant. Should space be available, additional participants may be accommodated, so when registering please
indicate if you would like to be considered for additional slots.

Registration must be submitted by 21 June 2016. To register, email with your name, phone number, and organization name. Also include name(s) of requested additional attendees. You will be notified by 23 June whether or not additional attendees can be accommodated.

There is no registration cost for this event.

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