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EBTRON’s newest products are Listed by UL

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Underwriter’s Laboratories passed all current Advantage products against safety test standard UL873 

Myrtle Beach, SC –  EBTRON, Inc., a prominent South Carolina manufacturer of sophisticated electronic airflow sensors for HVAC control, announces that all of their currently cataloged equipment have passed Underwriter’s Laboratory Safety Standard UL873. EBTRON is the first and currently the only manufacturer of velocity meters holding this UL Listing. Combination UL and cUL (Canadian) labels should be available by mid-November to be included with all units produced thereafter. 

The entire Advantage product line is now “Listed” as approved against the UL Safety Standard entitled: Temperature (and Flow) Indicating and Regulating Equipment. This standard is intended to include all products used “for control of air-conditioning, heating, cooking, refrigeration, and humidity, rated 600 volts or less, to be used in ordinary locations in accordance with the National Electrical Code, NFPA 70”. 

This announcement includes EBTRON’s STA102/104 family and the GTA116 with standard analog outputs, together with their latest network-compatible addition: the GTN116 version of the Gold Series transmitter (for Metasys™ N2 and ModBus™). 

These Advantage transmitters provide a home for a Motorola Digital DNA™ microprocessor, all supporting electronics, 24 VAC power connections and external communications. It is a necessary part of the system provided with most of EBTRON’s Gold Series airflow and temperature sensor models. 

These products are available through any of the company’s 60 independent North American and International Sales Representatives. For more information email or visit the company’s new web site  or

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