Press Release - November 2002
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LonWorld 2002 - Participating in Panel Discussion

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New Trends in Building Automation - Panel Discussion

Thursday, October 31st
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM 

Rapid movement towards Web Based Facilities Operation involves the creation of virtual identities that reflect the physical form and function of our large buildings and facilities. While these concepts are gaining acceptance as the new operational model it is uncharted territory. The rapid evolution of building operators to Super Operators casting their control over millions of square feet of real estate is becoming common place. The reality of today and tomorrow's economy is that we will be doing more with less to effectively manage our buildings. Our saviour is that technology in the form of web based everything is now providing us a path to improved communications while simplifying the movement of complex building information to the evolving Building Operations Specialist. The rapid movement of the building automation industry towards web based allows us to interweave critical dynamic building information into a browser based anywhere presentation. This allows us to concentrate and amplify our existing building operation resources and operators into virtual operational centres, in which all critical information is exposed to all stakeholders.


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