November 2005
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A4Vision Revolutionizes Checkpoint Processing, Applying 3D to 2D Facial Identification Database Searching

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New 3D Capability Accommodates Varying Angles to Achieve Greater Precision and Robustness in 2D Image Searches

London, United Kingdom, Biometrics 2005 - A4Vision Inc. announced new 3D facial identification capability to revolutionize search results against existing 2D photo databases. A4Vison adds 3D precision to the 2D data capturing process and employs its ICAO compliant 2D-3D cameras to bring new value to the largest applications of 2D image databases-- border control checkpoints, watch lists, and civil ID programs. Immediate benefits derive from a new robustness to angles that provides more user-friendly capture at borders and other high throughput security points; and the ability to normalize angles to increase result quality in matching subjects to watch list images.

A4Visionís new ICAO compliant 2D-3D camera captures 2D and 3D images simultaneously in real-time. After overlaying a 2D photo with the 3D image, then normalizing the captured image to direct frontal image (0 degrees), the normalized image can then be used to verify against passports, or search against 2D image databases. When 3D images captured at checkpoints can be applied at exact angle to 2D database or ID document images, new precision/robustness is achieved in real world scenarios.

A4Visionís new 3D capability applied to 2D database searches addresses outstanding problems with facial recognition at checkpoints. When live subjects at checkpoints present facial images that vary from angles captured in 2D photos and stored in 2D databases, both watch list and generic subjects have been difficult to identify; yet both subject types require recognition in order to maintain checkpoint flow. A4Visionís new 3D capability applied to 2D facial identification databases establishes a new realm of accuracy. 3D biometric facial identification provides actual, measurable, real-time data about a subjectís face, skull and bone structure, enabling higher throughput and improved security on the spot.

Applying A4Visionís 3D capability to 2D facial identification searches gains more precision and better matching results, and provides the mechanism for creating 3D image databases.

The new 3D biometric capability is a component of A4Visionís Enrollment Station, Vision Access Face Reader, and the Vision SDK.

A4Visionís Vision Access 3D Face Reader Achieves Sub-second Speed for Secure Biometric Physical Access!

LCD and Audio Feedback Prompt Users to Position for Optimal Facial Biometric Imaging

Buildings, Secure Areas, Airports, Border Control, Mass Transit, and Many Applications Benefit from Faster Throughput

London, Biometrics 2005 - A4Vision Inc. announced the UK launch of the Vision Access 3D Face Reader, the worldís first three-dimensional (3D) facial identification/verification reader with active feedback. Designed to achieve fastest processing speeds by easing optimal user positioning, the reader captures a biometric image to identify or verify subjects in less than one second! The Vision Access 3D Face Reader incorporates LCD and audio feedback technologies, so users can easily determine when their position is perfect. The result is expedited scanning and greater volume throughput for physical access control applications, such as those used for building or event access, airport security access, and border control points. Speed is critical as high volume biometric identification processing becomes widespread across civilian populations.


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