November 2005
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i & i - Proplan First Published Study on IT-Convergence Evaluating Size & Potential

For the first time at BuilConn you can learn about the market potential for IT-Convergence. A paper based on a recent study by i & i - Proplan evaluates the technical and commercial potential for delivering holistic solutions in buildings through IT-Convergence. The study is based on the US market but the models are applicable for all developed countries around the globe. The US market was selected not because it is more advanced in installing intelligence in buildings but because the US IT Industry has decided to develop and drive this business because they believe that this application can make a major impact on their future prosperity.

i & i - Proplan have been charting the performance of intelligent controls in buildings across the world for the last 20 years and have analysed the integration of the various technical infrastructures since 1989. Progress here has been relatively slow and today some 15 years on the incidence of full integration across these infrastructures at the field level are low. There have been many roadblocks, both technical and commercial, that have held back progress but practical robust solutions have been available for at least the last five years but for the most part building owners have been reluctant to take up the opportunity and benefits that can be realised. So if the opportunity to integrate the technical infrastructures is not being properly taken why should we believe that the convergence and therefore integration with the IT Business Enterprise is inevitable and in such a short time frame?

The objective of this new study seeks to answer this question. It sets out to investigate the commercial and technical benefits that IT Convergence can deliver to building owners and operators, measures the penetration achieved to date, evaluates the future potential and the demand drivers that will convince buyers to invest in this new technology.



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