November 2019
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Alerton Adds Optigo Networks to its Partner Program

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• Optigo to be partner for building network solutions for Alerton Dealers

SEATTLE, November 12, 2019 – Alerton announced today it is adding Optigo Networks to its
Strategic Partner Program making the Optigo ConnectTM product line the exclusive building network
solutions available for distribution through the Alerton Dealer Network. Alerton and Optigo will be able to
offer improved building management and network connectivity with the Alerton Ascent VisualLogicTMIP
(VIP) controllers and Optigo Connect’s HybridTM and SpectraTM solutions.

The Optigo Connect family offers easy-to-manage switches for healthy operational technology (OT)
networks. With Optigo OneViewTM, users can connect IP devices across large distances while maintaining
network management from a single location. OneClick SecureTM provides one-step network security,
closing all open ports and locking used ports to the connected devices at the click of a button.
The Optigo Connect line pairs perfectly with Alerton’s newest release, the VisualLogicTM IP (VIP)
Controllers. These advanced controllers feature industry first support for both IPv4 and IPv6, providing a
flexible, future-proof solution for building controls. With a real-time clock, high-resolution 16-bit universal
inputs and outputs, and a 32-bit processor, these controllers seamlessly integrate with any BACnet
system and can also be installed as a standalone controller.

About Optigo Networks
Optigo Networks believes healthy networks are the backbone of smart buildings and people are at the core. As more
buildings embrace IoT, new challenges arise in making buildings efficient, comfortable and secure. The network is
integral to ensuring these intelligent systems work properly. Optigo makes sure data moves seamlessly from edge-to-
cloud or edge-to-server, uncompromised and on time. We simplify the complex for people who own, manage and
operate smart buildings. With award-winning solutions, we’re the first to address the growing complexity of the
thousands of machines in our buildings. We build and monitor healthy networks in a rising number of commercial
buildings worldwide. Learn more at

Control Solutions, Inc About Alerton
Since 1981, Alerton has helped pioneer smart building technology with its intuitive, powerful control tools that helped
shaped smart building management. Its innovative building management solutions optimize energy efficiency,
operational simplicity and occupant comfort for thousands of buildings worldwide. With flexible architecture, open
protocols and cutting-edge technology, Alerton is the leading solution for managing an entire building ecosystem.
Alerton partners with an exclusive global network of independent dealers and technology partners to  to ensure building
owners get the most value out of their building control solution. Learn more at


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