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Launching at ASIS 2016: UniKey’s CORE™ Platform Brings Innovative Mobile Access Technology to the Entire PACS Industry  

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Mobile access control is on the rise, and now available to the entire PACS industry with UniKey’s CORE™ platform. Scheduled to launch toe week of ASIS 2016

ORLANDO, FL (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 08, 2016 - UniKey Technologies, the industry leader in electronic key and mobile access control, announced that they will be launching their highly disruptive mobile key platform to the entire commercial access control industry. UniKey’s CORE™ platform will be released at ASIS 2016 in Orlando, Florida.

"UniKey has the largest, most scaled mobile platform in the world” says Phil Dumas, CEO and Founder of UniKey Technologies. “We have a tremendous amount of experience in residential, but also commercial applications. What this allows us to do, is bring a scaled platform that is proven to be secure and offer the accessibility of control in a space that wasn’t actually there before. As opposed to where you traditionally had to deal with an IT guy, anybody can control these systems now."

Features of CORE™
UniKey’s CORE™ platform was built with the ability to adapt multiple integration solutions to meet the needs of any commercial access control OEM partnering with UniKey.

CORE™ is comprised of six building blocks that make up the DNA of mobile access control; PassiveX, Cloud Logic, App Foundations, SmartWare, Integrations, and Security Essentials. These solutions cover a wide spectrum of intellectual property and expertise including mobile device integration, cloud-based eKeys, electronic designs, cryptography, and beyond. Thus enabling anyone in the commercial access control industry the ability to successfully navigate into the smart access control and mobile key space.

With Core™, commercial OEMs can greatly reduce their risk by leveraging a proven mobile key system into their product development strategy. Utilizing UniKey’s technology allows manufacturers to easily bring bluetooth readers, locks, and credentials into any access control product within just 6-9 months. Not only can commercial OEMs move faster with CORE™, they can also scale seamlessly and securely, as the platform currently has the largest deployment of eKeys with over 100,000,000+ lock / unlock events worldwide.

Reliable Controls About UniKey
Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, UniKey Technologies is the industry leader and pioneer of smart lock and access control technology. UniKey provides companies and manufacturers with a secure ACaaS (Access Control as a Service) platform, which eliminates the need for traditional keys, codes, or passwords by turning mobile devices into a universal electronic key. By offering a multitude of integration solutions through the UniKey’s CORE™ platform, companies who partner with UniKey can develop a product unique to their business's objectives. For more information about UniKey Technologies, please visit


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