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Control Solutions, Inc Environmental Control Systems  traditional building controls including, temperature/comfort conditioning, central equipment control, (i.e. boilers, chillers), the control of all HVAC equipment, indoor air quality control and all control work that is usually part of section 15900 in a Mechanical Specification for a new building.

Lighting Control Systems  integration for buildings is becoming increasingly important.  

Sensors, Actuators and Devices  Devices including adjustable speed drives, chillers, complete packaged air conditioning units and energy metering equipment are being supplied complete with their own controls and a network connection to integrate to your Automated Buildings.

Fire & Life Safety Systems  integration with the Automated Buildings is becoming critical.  The high level of interaction required between the active fire system, building wide communications, HVAC, and interactive smoke control systems that are normally part of the environmental control system has greatly increased the complexity of these systems.  

Security Systems  integration for the tenants of Automated Buildings is sometimes not desirable. These tenants often have requirements for custom security systems that are specialized to meet their needs. 


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