April 2014


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Elsa ChanEMAIL INTERVIEWElsa Chan and Ken Sinclair

Elsa Chan Co-Founder and CEO Jetlun Corporation

Currently Co-Founder of Jetlun Corporation, a leader in innovative network connectivity solutions that enable large-scale data and business intelligence for smart grid and building energy management applications. Jetlun provides a full-service, comprehensive, vertically integrated, energy management platform consisting of hardware and software that solves the challenge of remote data acquisition and control.

Energy Management Platform

Our Platform supports facilities managers through their entire energy management lifecycle.

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SinclairWhat is an Energy Management Platform?

Chan: Our Energy Management Platform is a comprehensive, vertically integrated energy measurement and management system, consisting of both hardware and software. It helps reduce energy cost and carbon footprint - through advanced plug load, lighting and HVAC controls - and also provides facilities managers with a better understanding of their energy use and their key energy drivers, along with fault detection and diagnosis through data analytics and business intelligence.  Our Platform supports facilities managers through their entire energy management lifecycle.

SinclairWhat is an energy management lifecycle and why is it important?

Chan:  An energy management lifecycle is a cyclical process that helps facilities managers to understand how their building is performing, define their efficiency strategy, assist with purchasing decisions, and allow controls of various building systems to optimize a building’s resources. The energy management lifecycle is critical to any sustainability and energy efficiency programs because both sustainability and energy efficiency are a continuous process.  Our Energy Management Platform provides facilities managers with the ultimate command center that offers a continuous feedback loop for them to work from.

Sinclair How is this unique from other energy management systems in the market?

Chan:  At the core of the Jetlun Energy Management Solution is our patented hybrid wireless connectivity technology. Instead of the standard wireless solution that requires an Ethernet backbone to connect to multiple gateways, Jetlun combines wireless with the use of existing building wires. This effectively eliminates the need to pull any new wires and significantly reduces the equipment cost and installation costs. It also makes the solution extremely flexible and scalable – perfect for retrofits and for allowing facilities managers to add devices or change configurations at any time. With our patented hybrid wireless connectivity technology, the Platform is able to easily gather a multitude of various building data, not just energy – whether it is electricity, water, gas, temperature, humidity, occupancy, and so forth. It can also integrate with existing building systems to add more intelligence to existing systems. Our advanced visualized dashboards and analytics help facilities managers to better manage their building and to optimize their buildings for higher efficiencies without sacrificing tenant comfort.

contemporary SinclairWhat are the applications and benefits to this Platform?

Chan:  There are so many applications and benefits because the system is so flexible. We support a lot of sub-metering and measurement and verification projects in age care facilities, hospitality, warehouses, schools, offices and so forth. With our wireless sensors, we enable advanced plug load, lighting and HVAC controls. We help our customers with understanding of occupancy utilization trends, fault detection and diagnosis and compliance to LEED, Nabers, BEAM, ISO5001 and other certifications and reporting standards. Benefits can translate into up to 50-70% energy savings. We can help achieve high savings through an integrated approach of being able to control, not just lighting and not just HVAC, but a combination of advanced lighting, HVAC, plug load controls, pre-maintenance, and customer feedback and engagement protocols.

There are proprietary systems in the market today that only focus on just lighting or just HVAC. This creates headaches for facilities managers who have to look at multiple online dashboards and systems to manage their building. Facilities mangers are unable to analyze data outside of the standalone proprietary system. Ours is an integrated solution that allows facilities managers one single dashboard and offers the ability to export data either using our published APIs or through a csv flat file.  This gives facilities managers better control of their building information, and a more cohesive and intelligent method to manage their building.   Having an integrated approach to building management is critical to the success to the long-term sustainability and energy efficient strategy. Our patented wireless connectivity technology gives facilities managers the flexibility to implement their monitoring and control strategies all at once or one thing at a time and add to the system as they see fit.

Sinclair Who is Jetlun?

Chan:  Jetlun is a leader in innovative network connectivity solutions that enable large-scale data and business intelligence for smart grid and building energy management applications. Our products and solutions have been deployed in North America, Australia, and Asia Pacific. We are the first company leveraging existing wires to extend wireless that allow customers to retrofit existing buildings to manage multiple applications including plug loads, lighting controls, HVAC and more.


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