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'The Connected Home'

‘Linking services to products for tomorrow's lifestyle’ –

Ian Johnson, Junction PR

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Why are we holding this event - Our purpose?
'The Connected Home' event on 24-25 September, London, will offer a practical focused two-day conference on the real implications, strategies and technology challenges for the profitable implementation of the connected home. Or at least that's what our strap line says, but what really are the underlying principals of setting up this event - what are we hoping to achieve? The key goals of the show will be as follows;

"The Automator"
New Products
Past Issues


People will always want to discuss standards in any industry, interoperability of devices, what devices are going to predominate in the connected home of the future - the one thing we've asked our speakers to concentrate on is 'trials and launches'. The aim is to give practical examples of projects being undertaken, key learning's from these projects. Our main goal is to focus on what is deliverable - rather than what could be deliverable in the future. If you want to learn from examples, roll outs and see case studies from a variety of companies in varied sectors not usually partnered together in one event - then this event is for you. 

Program Structure & Details;
The programme will be structured to focus on 'Launching Connected Home' on day one, with day two aimed at 'Connected Home Services'. This is structured really with our key goals in mind, practical launches and partnership to build the industry aligned with a focus on services development. The aim is to give delegates practical insights into launching this into the mainstream and focusing on deploying these new services and devices to the consumer market. Understanding these issues will help delegates capitalise on the opportunities the emerging market offers.

Top-class speakers from around the globe, dedicated to advancing the connected home market, will provide an opportunity to see into the future of home networks and service markets. There will be Q&A sessions, discussion opportunities and informal networking arenas (see speaker list at the end of the article). We've tried to bring together the multiple facets of the 'connected home' within one event. The key purpose is to allow delegates to get a holistic view of the industry - not just biased towards one sector. The event structure is outlined as follows;

Day One; Launching the Connected Home

Day Two; Connected Home Services

contemporary Rolling out 'New Device' Offerings - Consumer Electronics Speakers
It's fair to say the last few years have seen a plethora of new devices offerings explode onto the market. Every manufacturer is vying to position their offering as the indispensable device within the home. The connectivity of these devices becomes a key driver as household consider which brand to choose. As the strap line to this event suggests - how we link services to the varied devices - and the role each of these devices plays in the home is paramount to understanding how this industry will move forward into the mass market. The majority of the world's main device manufacturers are represented at 'The Connected Home'. You will hear speeches from Sony, Philips, Panasonic, Siemens, Motorola, LG and Whirlpool.

Each manufacturer will offer their vision of the connected home market - and the devices that will be at the centre of its universe. Its clear that these manufacturers truly believe that the early adopter phase of home networking is over and now the larger consumer electronic companies can start pushing this market in a big way. For more information on these speeches go to;

Entertainment and the Connected Home - Broadcast Speakers
Its clear that for the connected home to be a success, entertainment will be one of the killer applications that kicks of the emerging home networking market into the mainstream. The majority of home entertainment devices usually have some kind of networking component included. Whether given devices will be used as entertainment servers which will store digital content and music, one thing is for sure; gone are the days where that content will be stuck on your desk top computer playable over speakers - you will be able to use these media files over a variety of devices in the home.

Many Pay TV operators, broadcasters and interactive TV specialists recognise that they must understand the overall picture to the connected home of the future - and how future lifestyles will effect consumption of their services and content.

BSKYB, BT, and the BBC are among the speakers offering their views non the connected home and how it will effect broadcasters and content providers. The BBC will outline a specific case study on media consumption and behaviour in the home, what people are doing now and how it's changing. BT will be introducing the home networking market, and exploring killer applications. Only recently BT launched their 'Home of Possibilities' outlining how their customers can use an increasing range of connectable devices, home networking and broadband to deliver an increasing range of service throughout the home.

What the sponsors say?
Ralf Baral, Business Development Executive for IBM's Smart Home comments "The Connected Home is seen as one of the major events to initiate and accelerate open communities to provide end to end value chain for the new business of Smart Home Services."

Baral further outlines; "IBM, under the umbrella of e-business to Smart Machines - is contributing to the next wave of connectivity as the specialists for e-business integration. Integrating trillions of devices into the e-business value chain is a new challenge for technologies and solutions. Based on the long year e-business experience IBM can support their customers as an enabler to get access to new revenue streams and enable for new business models. For Smart Home solutions, IBM can provide an end to end solution build on Open Standards like OSGi (open service gateway initiative). This strategy allows to integrate and manage solutions from a heterogen market environment with a standardised toolset and is focussed to support the mass markets of the future."

contemporary Which organisations support the event?

The Connected Home is delighted to have confirmed the following organisations as supporters of the event. For links to these organisation web sites, please go to

Confirmed Speakers

Alasdair Bleakley, Solicitor, Technology, Media and IP, Addleshaw Goddard, UK
Andre Andrew Mullen, General Manager Communications and New Technologies, LG Electronics UK Ltd.
Carl Baines, CEO, Opus Technologies - Connected Home Audio Explained
Christina Poulsen, Marketing Manager, Home Security, ADT
Dave Hewitt, Marketing Manager Communications , ADT
David Sales, Director Home Communications, BT
Dr John Barr, Director of Standards Realization, Motorola, USA, & President, OSGi
Dr Susan Schwarze, Marketing Director, ProSyst, Germany & VP Marketing, OSGi
Dr. Viktor Grinewitschus, Fraunhofer Institute Microelectronic Circuits and Systems, Head of inHaus-Center Intelligent Home, Germany, Duisburg
Frederik Leemans, Innovation Manager, Philips RCS (Remote Control Systems)
Graham Nicholls CEO, Homeportal, UK
Halligeir Juliebo, Director, HSJ Consulting
John Ousby, Head of Distribution Technology, Radio, Music & New Media - BBC, UK &
Jonathan Cape, Scottish Water, UK & Director of Marketing, TAHI
Jonathan Wall, Marketing Director,
Juergen Heuer, Director, Aquarius: The Connected Home - Whirlpool, USA
Kristine Stewart, President Internet Home Alliance & Director of Market Development, Cisco
Lee Mercer, Project & Technical Manager, Sky Homes, BSKYB, UK
Malcolm Stewart, Head of Business Development, Panasonic (PCRL), UK
Mark Ossel, Vice President & General Manager EMEA, Echelon, Netherlands
Markus Wischy, Senior Architect, Siemens AG, Corporate Technology & Siemens UPnP Steering Committee member
Professor James Barlow, Chair in Technology and Innocation Management, Imperial College, London
Martin Gilbert, Chief Technology Officer, Amino Communications & Chair of Living Space Program, TAHI
Nick Sharples, Head of Corporate Communications, Sony SCEE
Nigel Walley, Managing Director, Decipher, UK
Peter Ransom, Business IS Manager, Centrica
Ralf Baral, Business Development Executive Smart Home WW, IBM, Germany
Reiner Kreplin, Digital Home Marketing Manager, EMEA, Intel
Richard Addy, Senior Strategy Manager, Strategy & Distribution, BBC, UK
Steve Moore, Managing Partner, SMC & Founding Chairman, Cedia UK

Conference Fees - Discount for subscribers; subscribers:
Discounted Rate: £995 (plus VAT @ 17.5%) for 2 days, Standard Rate: £1195 (plus VAT) for 2 days. 
£545 + vat for 1 day at the event 

Further Information;
For further information please contact Ian Johnson on + 44 1179042003 -

This event is brought to you by HSA conferences ( and Junction PR (

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