August 2007

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Boston Properties Building Operations Center (BPBOC)   Realcomm 2007 Boston Tour

Boston Properties Shares Building Operations Center Strategy

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Aggregating your building operations into one common monitoring-and-control data environment is fast becoming a necessity in today’s competitive market. One of the early adopters to deploy this strategy in the US is Boston Properties, who hosted a tour of the Boston Properties Building Operations Center (BPBOC) for attendees during the recent Realcomm 2007 conference in Boston.

Over the last 3 years we have slowly seen the concept of a centralized Building Operations Center (BOC), with multiple properties networked and connected to a central intelligence hub, move from “early adopter” status to now mainstream discussion and, in some cases, adoption. The concept is simple and fairly straightforward -- review operational aspects involved with a facility, install building automation devices, connect the properties to the network, aggregate the systems back to a central command center, and rethink your property and facility management functions. But while the concept might be simple in theory, rethinking 100-year old systems and processes, selecting the right technology, and changing the fundamental structure of your project operations is not easy.

This year, as part of Realcomm 2007, conference attendees were able to get a firsthand look at a BOC as part of a facilities Control Solutions, Inc tour offered by Boston Properties, whose headquarters was conveniently located adjacent to the conference venue. The tour included a look at the technology, applications, staffing and operational requirements involved in creating a centralized command center.

Boston Properties representatives shared with tour attendees the issues surrounding centralizing applications such as security and HVAC. Discussions also focused on the business issues, such as return on investment, budget allocation, executive sponsorship and ultimate value proposition to the real estate organization when such a dramatic operating platform shift occurs.

Click here to listen to a Podcast of Jim Whalen, Vice President, CIO of Boston Properties, as he briefly describes the strategy and realities of creating a next generation operating environment.

Our special thanks to Jim Whalen and his staff for providing the group with a live case study on how to take their building operations initiatives to the next level.


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