December 2007 / January 2008

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AHR Innovation Award Winners


Building Automation
Building Automation AccuValveTM new air control valve by Accutrol, LLC Tek-Air Systems, Inc. 636
Building Automation Wireless Temp or Humidity System Building Automation Products, Inc.  157
Building Automation Spyder controller Honeywell International 559
Building Automation MACH-Stat BACnet controller Reliable Controls Corporation  158
Building Automation Viconics Wireless Gateway Viconics Electronics, Inc. 103


The AccuValve™ by Accutrol, LLC - AHR 2008 Innovation Award Winner - Booth #636
The AccuValve™ by Accutrol, LLC is an electrically operated airflow control valve for critical environments such as laboratories and clean rooms. The valve, created for sustainable “green” design, offers very low pressure drop for energy reduction and savings along with safety by utilizing true airflow measurement.

Also read the Tek-Air Systems January Interview for further information.


AHR 2008 Honorable MentionBAPI Wireless System - Booth #157
The BAPI award-winning Wireless Temperature or Humidity System features a full line of Sensor/Transmitters including Room, Duct, Immersion, Outside Air and Point. The transmitters have an 8-year battery life and a minimum in-building range of 100 feet, which is extendable to the 1,000 feet with a Repeater.

Honeywell Packs Advanced Control Capabilities into the Compact New Spyder™ Controller - Booth #559
Advanced Control In The Body Of A Unitary Controller

Viconics Inc. Wireless Products receives honourable mention at the AHR 2008 Product Innovation Awards - Booth #103
Wireless Gateway and Thermostat Products

Reliable Controls® Corporation receives honourable mention at the AHR 2008 Product Innovation Awards - Booth 158
MACH-Stat BACnet controller



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