December 2012

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Tom RosbackEMAIL INTERVIEWTom Rosback and Ken Sinclair

Tom Rosback, Vice President, Commercial Control Systems, North America

Tom Rosback is Vice President and General Manager of Honeywell's Commercial Control Systems Business. Honeywell’s CCS manufactures a wide range of electronic and electromechanical products and systems designed to save energy while increasing the comfort, health, and safety of indoor environments.  In his current role, Tom is responsible for strategic planning, new product development, marketing, operations, and sales for Honeywell’s broad range of North American commercial controls brands, including Honeywell, Alerton, Inncom, Novar, Tridium, Phoenix Controls, Trend, and E-Mon.

Honeywell acquires Sala Burgess Controls

A great fit for Honeywell as it has core products and technologies that augment the others in our portfolio and it also strengthens our presence in northern Europe.

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Sinclair:  Why did Honeywell acquire Saia Burgess Controls?

Rosback:  Saia Burgess Controls is a great fit for Honeywell as it has core products and technologies that augment the others in our portfolio.  It also strengthens our presence in northern Europe and is committed to selling through system integrators, a sales channel we also support. Honeywell expects to drive growth through cross-selling opportunities and by leveraging Saia’s offerings into our other sales channels.

Sinclair:  What does Saia Burgess Controls do, what are its offerings?

Rosback:  Saia’s product portfolio includes intelligent building and energy controls, including programmable logic controllers used to manage HVAC systems, air conditioning plants, as well as for room, machine and infrastructure controls. It also manufactures touch-screen panels used to operate the systems, field devices, such as electrical submeters, counters and timers for use in energy management systems, and develops the engineering tools and software required to operate and support its systems.

Reliable Controls Sinclair:  How does Saia Burgess Controls support Honeywell’s strategy for building controls and energy management?

Rosback:  It is an innovative designer and manufacturer of intelligent building and energy controls that builds on our other commercial controls brands, which include INNCOMM  Alerton, Centraline, E-MON, Trend, Novar Controls, Phoenix Controls and Tridium. In addition to a great portfolio of products and a strong presence in northern Europe, Saia Burgess Controls also gives Honeywell a common global platform on which to drive growth in electrical submeters, which are used by building owners to better manage their energy consumption. Our E-MON submeter brand is focused on North America, while Saia Burgess Controls’ offering is targeted to Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Sinclair:  How will Saia Burgess Controls be integrated into Honeywell?

Rosback:  Saia will be part of Honeywell’s Environmental & Combustion Controls (ECC) business, a global leader in home and building controls. It will be part of ECC’s Commercial Controls Solutions business, which includes other building control brands such as Novar, Alert, Tridium, E-MON and INNCOMM.


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