December 2015

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For our Education Sessions and the Connection Community Collaboratory 

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Very pleased to be doing our 17th year of Free Education Sessions themed  Transformational Change for Building Automation at AHRExpo 2016 in Orlando.

These articles have been just added for our January issue;

BACnet Golden Week  BACnet in the Spotlight in Shenzhen, China - Andy McMillan, Strategy Consultant & President BACnet International

New Year’s Resolutions for Building Owners Indulge in introspection and reevaluating aspects of your buildings. - Jim Sinopoli, PE, LEED AP, RCDD, Managing Principal, Smart Buildings LLC

The Business Side of Cyber Security (Continued) The value of taking additional measures to increase the cyber security posture of your control systems, far outweighs the risk of not making them secure. - Marc Petock, Vice President, Marketing
Lynxspring & Connexx Energy

Connecting to Diverse Data Sources: SkySpark Adds OPC UA Connector - John Petze, Principal, SkyFoundry

Jim Sinopoli our contributing editor added this:

Ken, here's the introduction or description to Session 3

The industry has made strides in improved building controls, automation and even deployment of IT but we're still not close to the potential of advanced automation in our buildings. The automation of autopilots are over 100 years old; we now have driverless cars.  More automation than anything currently deployed in buildings could take building operations to a new level for the benefit of occupants and building owners. Eventually we'll have almost self-managing buildings, where the systems can optimize them self, self-heal; and not only identify faults or failures, but can compensate and re-configure the systems to minimize any impact of the system.

Add to that almost every one of the 7 billion people on Earth has a cell phone and we look for a future of billions of electronic devices networked by the internet that will be managed, monitored, integrated, implanted and worn.

The Day IT Operates the Building  Despite the industry’s strides in building controls, automation and deployment of IT we’re not close to the potential of fully implementing advanced automation in our buildings. - Jim Sinopoli, Managing Principal, PE, LEED AP, Smart Buildings, LLC

Brad's comments;  So if it’s not the devices themselves, what is it about IOT that is transformational? Buildings that Teach Themselves. In Search of a Brain for our Self-Driving Buildings’s only a matter of time before someone creates the self-learning software brain that the self-driving building requires. - Brad White, P.Eng, MASc, Principal,SES Consulting Inc.

Paul will lead this session; Transforming Skill Sets to Lead and Manage Change Monday, Jan. 25; 1:30 pm

An education session and discussion; led by industry experts about how we need to approach the engagement of our only true asset our people and make transformative change part of their and our lives and use the resulting feedback to create self learning cultures for our companies.

Amazing Growth for ESI  As part of CBRE’s Global Energy and Sustainability team, CBRE|ESI brings its experience and capabilities in smart buildings, building efficiency, system integration and building optimization to CBRE’s clients. - Paul Oswald, Managing Director, CBRE ESI

Ken's comments;

I am extremely pleased with the industry support I am receiving helping me define "the possible of connected buildings" because this clear definition of the possible is helping us define the transformational changes we all need to make.

Not sure that any of us could have projected the amount of things our buildings would be connected to and interact with. Today our understanding of the possible of connection is much of the value we provide. As an industry we need to start collecting, quantifying and qualifying all of the possible connections to our buildings.  Our November issue provides a start but I would like all our readers to join in helping us build "Our Connection Collection"

Our passion and actions will define a new industry using social engagement to quantify "Satisfaction" and "Well Being" using connection, analytic and achievement assessment.

There is a lot to absorb in this new way of thinking to make the needed transformational change in our industry but, if we can achieve and document satisfaction and wellbeing and their respective connection to productivity, we will create a new value proposition and a new industry based on our traditional skill set.

Satisfaction + Well Being = Productivity  There is a lot to absorb in this new way of thinking to make the needed transformational change in our industry but, if we can achieve and document satisfaction and wellbeing and their respective connection to productivity, we will create a new value proposition and a new industry based on our traditional skill set. - Ken Sinclair,

Fourth annual Connection Community Collaboratory, Orlando Tuesday Jan. 26; 1:30 pm

This collaboratory is designed to be fast moving and expects the attendees to have a basic understanding of the evolving connection communities' needs. Below is a list of required reading from our presenting thought leaders to allow you to get on the same page as them. 

We have limited our leaders' thoughts to five minute after which I will as moderator ask a few questions for clarity and then request input from our panel of thought leaders. Then on to the next thought leader's five minute presentation.  

No power points will be allowed or demos of their thoughts only old school face-to-face collaborating.

It will be a rapid moving session that will collaborate today's thoughts and quickly identify the work and resources of the various connection communities.

To help make sense of what is being discussed, here is a list of required reading from each of our thought leaders.

IoT Needs ITF  Getting BAS to IoT means passing through IT-Friendly - Andy McMillan, Strategy Consultant & President, 
BACnet International

Energy Harvesting Wireless Reduces Energy Usage  Retrofit projects are no longer a hurdle for an improved carbon footprint. - Jim O'Callaghan, President, EnOcean Inc.

Calculating Energy Costs Based on Real World Complex Utility Rates – Introducing Rate Modeler and Tariff Engine Features for SkySpark® - John Petze, Principal, SkyFoundry

Today’s Smart Buildings Value Propositions Today, it's no longer disputed that the transformation to smart, connected buildings can result in lower operating costs, conservation of energy and better occupant experiences.  - Marc Petock, Vice President, Marketing, Lynxspring & Connexx Energy



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