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snippets, blog bits, and url links that are about to fall off my desktop

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Every month there is a blizzard of information contained in the emails and newsletters that cross my desk on their way to AutomatedBuildings.com. Some of this information is not in the form of any type of content we can publish but I feel I should share with you these snippets, blog bits, and url links that are about to fall off my desktop.

BACnet International is pleased to announce the results of its recent board of directors elections. The new board is comprised of eight industry executives, including: Roland Laird, Andy McMillan, Jonathan Fulton, Brad Hill, Dennis Swoboda, Raymond Rae, Nancy Stein and Michael Wilson. The board of BACnet International will continue to focus on expanding the successful use of the BACnet building automation protocol.

AHR Expo Education Session Review plus pdf of presentation Power Points 

AHR 2016 - Orlando my Takeaways  AHR Orlando was an extremely well attended event.  The web site http://www.ahrexpo.com/ shows over 60,000 folks attended, likely the second largest show only to Chicago with the International exhibitors becoming a significance part of the total.

AHR 2016 - Orlando ControlTrends Highlights

The Cimetrics BACstac/DN 1.3  saves man-years of development when your company needs to create a BACnet solution for Windows Microsoft .NET framework! The BACnet standard is a 1000 page book that is a challenging assignment for even the most skilled computer programmers.  There are concepts in the HVAC and BUILDINGS INFRASTRUCTURE world that are just not taught in computer school.  These differences between BACnet and traditional IT protocols can lead to a significant learning curve when starting from scratch.

Johnson Controls and Tyco have announced their merger into one company with annual revenue of $32 billion. The new Johnson Controls will be almost a direct reflection of one of the industry’s biggest trends – the move toward technology convergence and smart buildings

Identifying open standards and finding vendors that are committed to fully support open standards can be challenging. Efficiently achieving the vision of Industry 4.0, Industrial IoT, Smart Manufacturing, and other initiatives will require the use of COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) technologies that are open architecture. The value of leveraging open technology has been proven over the years in a number of industries including computer, cell phone, digital photography, gaming, and software industries. In every industry there has been resistance to open systems until a majority of customers demand them from suppliers. The industrial automation systems and controls industry still has a long way to go.

Watch any current science fiction movie and you will find a scene set in a futuristic office building where the villain or the protagonist has some sort of reckoning. You’ll see the requisite glass balustrades, vertigo-inspiring balconies and a menacing artificial intelligence-driven security system that will drive the plotline to an explosive conclusion.

Eugene Mazo CEO, DGLogik talking about healthcare and interoperability

Eclipse IoT projects provide some key building blocks for IoT solutions but they are used in conjunction with other technology, ex. enterprise software like Apache Spark, LoRaWAN for networking, specialized hardware, etc. This is why I think it is important we are constantly learning about other technologies being used in IoT.

In 6 months we provided a complete city with a new breed of wireless data network, inspired more than 100 cities around the world to do the same and raised 300.000 euro through a crowdsourcing campaign build the network world-wide. The first months of The Things Network were a rollercoaster and this is the story.

Self-powered Wireless Switches & Sensors and Controls  Over 1,500 Building Automation Sensors & Controls "Enabled by EnOcean"

Internet of Things (IoT) developments are gaining momentum as illustrated by a new offering from Amazon. In October 2015, Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) introduced AWS IoT along with an ecosystem of partners. The AWS IoT is service-oriented platform that leverages a plug-n-play Internet and cloud infrastructure to monitor and control devices while using big data to optimize. AWS allows users to begin their IoT journeys without making a capital investment and incur associated ongoing lifecycle investment costs. The AWS IoT infrastructure easily scales to support a high volume of simultaneous connections between cloud services, mobile apps, and an array of devices which may connect only intermittently and have limited compute, storage, or battery life. Developments like this are part of the shift in technology that is likely to change industrial automation systems by adding more value at lower cost.

Good bunch of Green Pins Vibrantcy is an energy engineering firm creating solutions for every building everywhere. Our core-offerings include building performance analysis, building optimization, passive design, & mechanical engineering.

BSRIA is delighted to announce the release of its third topic guide, this time on the subject of ‘smart
technology’ which is now available to download

user experience called "mobile first." We now have a complete browser-based HTML5 unified experience that is consistent across mobile and desktop. You can access graphics, schedules, alarms, histories, and even notes on a mobile device! Jason's FIN Stack demo was featured on the big screen to show how FIN Stack uses tagging and data modeling to do amazing things.

Lighting Controls Association Offers EE107: Lighting Controls for Existing Buildings BY LIGHTING CONTROLS ASSOCIATION, ON JANUARY 12, 2016 education express The Lighting Controls Association (LCA) has published a new course to enhance its popular Education Express program: EE107: Lighting Controls for Existing Buildings.



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