January 2005

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Sneak Preview of New Book - Web Based Energy Information
and Control Systems

  Ken Sinclair

A new book is posed to be published this spring. Barney has shared a bit of information with us so that we can provide you some insight. The Table of Contents which is provided at the bottom of this review lists the author or authors of each chapter and reads like a who's who of our industry's mover and shakers. A lot of information about our industry has been captured in these chapters.  Be sure to get a copy when it is published later this spring. We will provide details of where to purchase and when it will be available on our web site. This will be the second book Barney has written about building automation and linkage has been provided to the original reviews plus linkage to our our first ever web-based chapter which is part of this new book.  http://automatedbuildings.com/education/bbookwebresourcechapter.htm

In addition to the complete Table of Contents I have pulled brief extracts from parts of the book to give you a sense of what you can expect from the book.

Preface - Barney L. Capehart, PhD, CEM Professor Emeritus University of Florida

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The purpose of this book – Case Studies and Applications of Web Based Energy Information and Control Systems - is to document the operational experience with these web based systems in actual facilities and in varied applications. Web-based systems have allowed the development of many new opportunities.

Forward  - Survival of the Fittest  Michael G. Ivanovich, Editor-in-Chief, HPAC Engineering Magazine, Penton Corporation
There are clearly two classes of engineers today: those who “get” controls and those who do not. Those who get controls will have the keys to the future of the engineering field as the information-technology revolution continues its inexorable penetration into every nook and cranny of the buildings industry. Those who get controls will be able to respond to the needs of their clients, who, in turn, are responding to the needs of their clients – the occupants of buildings, purchasers of products.

Forward - Anto Budiardjo, BuilConn and BuilSpec Coordinator, Clasma, Inc.
As we turn the corner and settle into the 21st century, we find ourselves at a crossroads that is shaping how we look at buildings and facilities in the decades to come. Three major forces are converging; Information Technology is past the dizzying days of the nineties and is settling down to a pragmatic application of technology that is significantly contributing to the efficiencies of today’s western organizations. Next, the internet is changing almost everything we are doing in our lives; from entertainment, work, shopping, and information distribution, our very social infrastructure is effected by the Internet! Finally, there is the availability of cheap broadband communications reaching out to all corners of the known world via wired and wireless technologies.

Forward - Ken Sinclair, Editor/Owner, www.AutomatedBuildings.com
I have been watching the evolution of web-based controls closely over the last five years, and I am pleased to see the rapid growth and acceptance of web-based technology in all areas of our large building automation industry. The growth and acceptance in the energy information and control arena has been truly amazing and hence this book has been written to describe these radical changes and to share evolving industry opinions about the development of this technology.

Web Based Energy Information and Control Systems - Case Studies and Applications

Editors Barney L. Capehart, PhD, CEM and Lynne C. Capehart, JD
Associate Editors Paul J. Allen David C. Green
Fairmont Press 2005

Table of Contents

contemporary Forewords and Preface

Foreword by Michael Ivanovich, Foreword by Ken Sinclair, Foreword by Anto Budiardjo, Preface


1. Introduction to Case Studies and Applications of Web Based EIS and ECS Systems Barney L. Capehart, University of Florida Lynne C. Capehart, Consultant Michael Ivanovich, HPAC Magazine David C. Green, Green Management Services

2. Web Resources for Web Based Energy Information and Control Systems Ken Sinclair AutomatedBuildings.com

Web Based EIS Case Studies

3. The Utility Report Cards – An Energy Information System for Orange County Public Schools Paul Allen, Walt Disney World David Green, Green Management Services Safvat Kalaghchy, Florida Solar Energy Center Bill Kivler, Walt Disney World Blanche Sheinkopf, US DOE Energy Smart Schools

4. Open Energy Information System at the University of Central Florida David E. Norvell University of Central Florida

5. Information, Behavior and the Control of Heat in Multifamily Buildings: A Case Study of Energy Information System Use in Buildings Performance Improvement Daniel Harris and Michael Bobker Association for Energy Affordability

6. Smart and Final Stores: A Case Study in Web Based Energy Information Collection Rich Rogan and John Marden Honeywell Corporation

Web Based EIS Applications

contemporary 7. Measured Success: Constructing Performance Metrics for Energy Management John Van Gorp Power Measurement Corporation

8. Using Common Benchmarks in an Energy Information System Gerald R. Mimno and Jason Toy Advanced AMR Technologies, LLC

9. Using WAGES Information for Benchmarking and Operational Analysis Jim Lewis Obvius Corporation

10. The Power of Energy Information: Web-enabled Monitoring, Control and Benchmarking Rahul Walawalkar, Customized Energy Solutions Bruce Colburn, EPS Capital Corp. Rajesh Divekar, M.Tech. – Al Systems

11. Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)- The Evolution of a Maintenance Management Program Carla Fair-Wright Cooper Compression

12. Using Virtual Metering to Enhance an Energy Information System David C. Green, Green Management Services, Inc., Paul J. Allen, Walt Disney World

13. Providing EPA’s Energy Performance Rating Through Commercial Third Party Hosts Bill Von Neida, US Environmental Protection Agency Sarah E. O’Connell, ICF Consulting

14. Web-enabled GIS Platform with Open Architecture for Power Utility Networks Fangxing Li US ABB

Web Based ECS Case Studies

15. Intelligent Use of Energy at Work: A Detailed Account of Saving Energy and Cost at the Wellness Center of the University of Miami Dirk E. Mahling, Mark A. Noyes, William O’Connor, and Richard Paradis WebGen Systems, Inc.

16. Machine to Machine (M2M) Technology in Demand Responsive Commercial Buildings David S. Watson, Mary Ann Piette, Osman Sezgen, and Naoya Motegi Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

17. Mission Critical Web Based Building Monitoring and Control Systems Travis Short Performance Building Systems

18. Facility Energy Management Via a Commercial Web Service Michael R. Brambley, Sriniivas Katipamula Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Patrick O’Neill NorthWrite Inc.

19. Evolution to Web Based Energy Information and Control at Merck & Co., Inc., Rahway, NJ Joe LoCurcio Merck & Co.

20. Interoperability of Manufacturing Control and Web Based Facility Management Systems: Trends, Technologies and Case Studies John Weber SoftwareToolbox

Web Based ECS Applications

21. State of Practice of Energy Management, Control, and Information Systems Gaymond Yee, Consultant Tom Webster, UC Berkeley, Center for the Built Environment Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

22. Review of Advanced Applications in Energy Management, Control, and Information Systems Gaymond Yee, Consultant Tom Webster, UC Berkeley, Center for the Built Environment Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

23. Load Forecasting Jim McNally Siemens Building Technologies, Inc. 24. Upgrade Options for Networking Energy Management Systems Paul J. Allen, Walt Disney World Rich Remke, Carrier Corporation Steve Tom, Automated Logic Corp.

25. A Plan for Improved Integration and Facility Management Services for a Large University David Brooks Affilliated Engineers

26. Overview of Digital Control and Integrated Building Automation Systems in K-12 Schools Sandra Scanlon Scanlon Consulting Services, Inc.

Hardware and Software Tools and Systems for Data Input, Data Processing and Display, for EIS and ECS Systems

27. Wireless Sensor Applications for Building Operation and Management Michael R. Brambley, Michael Kintner-Meyer, and Srinivas Katipamula Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Patrick J. O’Neill, NorthWrite Inc. Minneapolis

28. Net Centric Architectures Klaus D. Pawlik, Accenture David C. Green, Green Management Services Paul J. Allen, Walt Disney World

29. The ABCs of XML for BAS Steve Tom Automated Logic

30. Utility Data Web Page Design – Mining the Data David C. Green, Green Management Services, Inc Paul J. Allen, Walt Disney World

31. Developing an Energy Information System : Rapid Requirements Analysis David C. Green Green Management Services, Inc. Enterprise Energy Management Systems

32. Defining the Next Generation Enterprise Energy Management System Bill Gnerre and Gregory Cmar Interval Data Systems

33. Data Quality Issues and Solutions for Enterprise Energy Management Applications Greg Thompson, Jeff Yeo, and Terrence Tobin Power Measurement Corporation

34. Enterprise Application Integration of Energy Management Systems Using SOAP and the Web Services Based Architecture Ron Brown GridLogix Corporation

35. Facility Total Energy Management Program – A Road Map for Web Based Information Technology in the Egyptian Hotels Industy Khaled A. Elfarra National Energy Corporation – Egypt

Future Opportunities For Web Based EIS and ECS; and Conclusion

36. History of Enterprise Systems – And Where Are They Headed Now Keith E. Gipson Impact Facility Solutions

37. Building Control Systems and the Enterprise Toby Considine University of North Carolina

38. If We Built New Buildings Like We Build New Cars Barney L. Capehart, University of Florida Lynne C. Capehart, Consultant

39. Conclusion Barney L. Capehart, University of Florida Lynne C. Capehart, Consultant


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