January 2006

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Paul Ehrlich, P.E.
Building Intelligence Group

Contributing Editor

We started off 2005 with an article in Engineered Systems magazine titled “Building Management: Moving into the Future”
(http://www.esmagazine.com/CDA/ArticleInformation/features/BNP__Features__Item/0,2503,142999,00.html). The article discussed how the industry is changing and the anticipated impact to those involved in the operation, installation, distribution, and manufacturing of building systems. Those who ignore these changes are likely to see a continued decline in business. Those who embrace the changes have the opportunity to significantly increase their business volume and profits.

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We can summarize the anticipated industry changes in one term: “Intelligent Buildings.” While this concept has been long discussed, the recent convergence of technology, energy costs and tightening labor markets make it a prime time to deliver on it. So what is an Intelligent Building? This was covered in a series of articles that appeared in Automated Buildings. To summarize, it is: “Use of technology and process to create a building that is safer and more productive for its occupants and more operationally efficient for its owners.” For building owners, creating an Intelligent Building means having a differentiated project with greatly improved comfort, increased desirability for the occupants, and greatly reduced operating expenses. For the designer, contractor, or supplier, these projects mean more revenue, higher margins, and more satisfied clients. In other words, moving toward Intelligent Buildings allows you to be positioned to thrive with the changes that are occurring in our industry. Intelligent Buildings moves us as an industry past DDC, open systems and integration into a new realm where we provide significant benefits to owners.

So, how do you learn more? Attend the Building Intelligence Tour at AHR Expo on January 25, 2006 in Chicago. In this one day educational seminar, you will have a chance to network and learn directly from industry experts. The seminar includes in-depth talks, panels, and workshops that will show you examples of projects from around the world, details on technologies, current research, value propositions and economics. You will also have a chance to meet with leading suppliers who are sponsoring this event. At the end of the day, you will leave with a solid understanding of the benefits of being involved with Intelligent Buildings and have the basis to create a plan to get started in this area in 2006. More information on the seminar including a complete agenda and registration information can be found at www.buildingintelligencetour.com. Attendance is limited. Check into this opportunity soon, reserve your place, and get 2006 off to a great, profitable start.

For more details view the August article in Automated Buildings: http://www.automatedbuildings.com/news/aug05/articles/ibtpe/ibtpe.htm

Intelligent buildings mean many things depending on your perspective and role.  The following list is one summary of these attributes.

• Flexibility – designed to change;
• Energy efficient design (LEEDฎ);
• Complete building modeling;
• Focus on building circulation and Feng Shui and common spaces for networking;
• Integration with transportation and surrounding community.
• Sustainable construction practices;
• Electronic project documentation;
• Modeling extended into construction.
• Integration of all systems;
• Remote operations and optimization;
• Tenant portals;
• After-hours operation;
• Maintenance management and dispatch;
• Energy information and management systems;
• Real-time energy response;
• Continuous comfort monitoring and feedback.

• Tenant amenities:
  • Concierge;
  • Shopping;
  • Restaurants;
  • Lodging;
  • Parking;
  • Restrooms.
• Optimized vertical transport.
• Personal comfort control:
  • Temperature;
  • Humidity;
  • IAQ;
  • Lighting;
  • Acoustic.
• Common network infrastructure;
• Structured – maintainable cabling;
• WiFi;
• VOIP; and
• Digital signage.
Security/Life Safety:
• Digital video monitoring;
• Access control and monitoring;
• Automatic fire suppression;
• Fire detection and alarm;
• Egress support (lighting, signage, smoke control, etc.);
• Contaminant monitoring and containment;
• Proximate security/guard services.
• Energy efficient equipment;
• Thermal storage;
• Combined heat and power;
• Controls optimization;
• Extensive sensing;
• Energy efficiency;
• IAQ;
• Comfort monitoring;
• Internet enabled controls;
• Enterprise integration;
• Water and gas metering, sub-metering.
• Energy efficient lighting;
• Lighting control;
• Distributed generation;
• Dual power feeds/emergency power;
• Power quality monitoring;
• Sub-metering/billing.


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