July 2007

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Lighting Opportunities that are Part of the Change

  Ken Sinclair Editor/ Owner

For the last few months I have  been trying to cajole the lighting industry to write articles and providing interviews about change in their industry and help define their position in the smart Grid or GridWise thinking. Todate I have only Joy Null's article but I keep getting lots of news releases, newsletters, connection to resource and promotional stuff that tells me about more opportunities. I have decided in the interim to share some of these tidbits with my readers. It is my intent is to write an article for the August issue about the lighting mash-up that needs to occur.

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The term mash-up refers to a new breed of Web-based applications created by hackers and programmers (typically on a volunteer basis) to mix at least two different services from disparate, and even competing, Web sites.

From this month's article NRG Systems Energy Savings Joy Null, Watt Stopper/Legrand comes this insight;

Augmenting the daylight is an electric lighting system consisting primarily of high-performance, T8 fluorescent lamps with dimming ballasts controlled by Watt Stopper daylighting controls. Photosensors constantly monitor outdoor lighting levels and controllers automatically adjust the fluorescent lighting to maintain the desired ambient levels. A multi-zone control strategy is used in the office areas so that fixtures closest to the windows dim first as daylight contribution increases. Carefully directed daylight and dimmable fluorescent lighting combine to provide optimal lighting levels whenever the space is occupied. Sensors prevent any energy waste.

From Hubbell Building Automation

HBA Introduces New Line of Daylight Harvesting Controls with Continuous Dimming and Automated ON/OFF Functions

June 2007 - Austin, TX - Hubbell Building Automation, an industry leader in the development of cutting edge networked lighting control technologies, announced today the introduction of the Luxstat Controllers by Servodan, a line of Daylight Harvesting Controls for continuous dimming and automated ON/OFF functions

From the Lighting Controls Association

As the lighting controls authority, the Lighting Controls Association is proud to offer free, comprehensive online education about lighting controls technology, application and commissioning. Click here to see current course offerings.

After taking a brief introductory course, select short learning modules as needed to customize your learning experience. You can receive education credit by taking a comprehension test at the end of each module; a passing grade enables you to download a certification of completion that awards credit that can be used towards certification maintenance. Click here for accrediting organizations that recognize Education Express.

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From lightingCONTROL e-magazine

Bi-Level Switching Study Demonstrates Energy Savings

While automatic shutoff of general lighting, required by prevailing energy codes, has received a significant amount of attention by the lighting specification community, bi-level switching is another frequent code requirement that can play an important role in energy conservation. This special report by the Lighting Controls Association describes typical bi-level switching code requirements, bi-level switching's role in the Commercial Buildings Deduction, methods and equipment, and the results of a study of typical energy savings achievable with bi-level switching in popular applications.

Click here to read this special report.

From Lighting Control & Design About LC&D

contemporary Businesses Benefit with Up-to-Date Technology

The retail chain store market is a very competitive business. Margins can be razor thin so any help to the bottom line is welcome. Many of the leading chains are installing lighting control systems and discovering that not only do they save money, they can also promote the fact that they are “ecologically responsible” by helping to save energy. Here’s how some chains are really taking advantage of digital lighting controls and simplifying the store design and installation process.

They Simplify the Design. Using LC&D’s lighting controls allows them to meet or exceed all state energy codes. With minimal differences between states energy codes for retail stores LC&D has designed a single specification that fits every state. Thus the same retail store design can be used in all states to reinforce the customer experience. LC&D’s Engineering Assistance Department will work with any engineering team to create site-specific detailed drawings.

They Simplify Installation. Equipment arrives at the site pre-programmed, assembled, and ready to go. Switches, panels and thermostats are linked with Cat. 5 cable.

They Simplify Maintenance. Facility managers appreciate the Run Time module of our DataLogger™ software that allows them to effectively predict and schedule lamp changes for multiple sites. Also, the Event-Logging feature logs energy use for review at any time.

- Cited in The Light Right Consortium’s article Lighting Values

Green buildings are in higher demand as more people become educated to the fact that sustainable designs that emphasize energy efficiency can lead to lowered utility bills – and sometimes good PR. For commercial developers, this means both improved tenant retention and quicker tenant replacement.

Invest in Energy Efficiency While Maintaining Production

Energy rebates and incentives such as EPAct 2005 and the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED program attest to the long-term benefits of lighting controls. This includes reduced lighting energy while increasing quality, improved occupant comfort, and flexibility that allows users to feel that they’re in control of their environment.

For an even faster return look to digital controls, such as the GR2400 system. They’ll save you money before they’re even up and running - by cutting down on installation costs.


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