June 2014

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Ken Sinclair

Comments by Ken Sinclair
Publisher - AutomatedBuildings.com

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Our June issue speaks to our Industry's Collaboratory attending IBcon Vegas June 17-19.  This is the event that will take us all to the next level of collaboration. I originally was focused on providing a preview to this event for our June issue but as we started to assemble the previews, articles, interviews, news releases, we met our AutomatedBuildings.com collaboratory on their way to their next great collaboration opportunity. All were full of new leading edge ideas to share with this event based on their long experience in the industry. A powerful combination of today's knowledge with yesterday's experience.  Many of the folks that have been part of our collaboratory for the last 15 years are now IBcon Advisors.

Don’t miss IBcon http://www.ib-con.com/ the Smart, Connected, High Performance Intelligent Buildings Conference, the only global industry event that focuses on ALL aspects of the Intelligent Building required to facilitate the smart integration of key business processes into the high performance building ecosystem. The conference features a dynamic education program, a Solution Providers Expo, LIVE Interviews and networking and a Smart Building Best Practice Showcase featuring 35+ of the world's most progressive, next generation and successful implementations of smart buildings, portfolios and campuses.

We have assembled previews to provide insight into several of the IBcon published sessions.

I am pleased that so many of our articles speak of the ongoing growth, collaboration and personal involvement with the IBcon event.

We all need to read completely Marc Petock's article here is a peek;

The Value of the Collaborative Community

Today, many innovations are being fueled by collaborative, connected community efforts. We see it most clearly in the Internet and web, where new capabilities are continuously developed by communities that build on the work of others, creating “mashups”, and new complimentary applications. We also see it in M2M and are beginning to see it to some degree in our very own industry. Collaborative community efforts are helping drive new ways to extend the value of our building systems and effecting change and innovation.

Collaboration is a powerful alternative to conventional processes and procedures for effecting change and driving technological innovation. Collaborative connected community efforts tend to be loosely structured, highly adaptive, and inherently creative. Collaboration aims for speed, efficiency and pervasiveness. By creating collaborative opportunities where community connections are made, ideas are cross-fertilized, and collective knowledge is developed and shared, collaboration generates rich opportunities for innovation. When the right people are brought together in constructive ways and with the appropriate information, they are able to create powerful visions and robust strategies for change.

For most of us this is new territory, becoming part of a collaboration with folks who only a few years ago we viewed as competitors. It requires a real head shake and I hope this June issue, the start of our 16th year, will provide you insight to the cultural changes ahead for the large building automation industry.

Andy's column speaks well to the real considerations of what we are presently doing and raises questions "As a result, whether it turns out to be DOA (Dead on Arrival) or a winning strategy is not so clear."  Be sure to read Andy's views.

Lots of discussion on how social media will shape our future be sure to read;

Building Controls Go Social and Mobile

How Social Applications will Transform Building Management and the Security Experience

[an error occurred while processing this directive]This June issue is a nest of great articles, columns, reviews, new products, interviews and of course the steady stream of news depicting our rapidly evolution and journey in our Collaboratory.

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Editorial from May 2014

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