June 2016


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Bobby NapiltoniaEMAIL INTERVIEWBobby Napiltonia and Ken Sinclair

Bobby Napiltonia, EVP of Sales and Strategic Partnerships, Enlighted

Bobby Napiltonia is an experienced leader with more than 27 years in information technology sales, marketing, business development and management. He is currently Enlighted’s executive vice president of sales & strategic partnerships, and is passionate about bringing cutting-edge products to global markets by thinking outside of the box.

Prior to joining Enlighted, Bobby grew the Salesforce.com ecosystem from 30 to 6,000 partnerships worldwide. He also held sales leadership positions at eMeter, doubling the revenue year-over-year.

Enlighted, together with Google

At the “Commercial/Corporate Real Estate and IoT 2.0 – Examining the Impacts” panel, on June 23 from 2:15 p.m. to 3:15 p.m.

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SinclairWhat’s new in the industry that we can expect to see at IBcon this year?

Napiltonia:  The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized the way buildings operate. Now that IoT has become a reality, we are assessing the real-world impact. From security to analytics to developing a smart building cyber strategy, the next generation of IoT is going to look beyond implementation to the true benefits it delivers.

Sinclair:  How will Enlighted address this trend at IBcon?

Napiltonia:  Enlighted, together with Google, will be represented at the “Commercial/Corporate Real Estate and IoT 2.0 – Examining the Impacts” panel, on June 23 from 2:15 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. This panel will specifically discuss the impact of IoT beyond the traditional advantages of smart buildings, looking at unique ideas such as sensor inspired health programs, driver and asset tracking, and more.

SinclairCan you share a recent case study of an Enlighted installation?

Napiltonia:  Our installation at the Google office in Sunnyvale, CA is the perfect example of the full capabilities the Enlighted system offers. We’ll be showcasing a tour of the Google facility at IBcon. Attendees will learn how the system enabled true advancements for the campus by installing a network of smart sensors that collect data on everything from light and heat to occupancy and security. This data is key, because it is sent and analyzed for insights to optimize the building environment in real-time, making the campus more efficient, productive, comfortable and secure.

SinclairWhat new innovations will Enlighted be showcasing at IBcon?

Napiltonia:  Check out how IoT enables ultimate HVAC and space optimization with our unique apps, Space and Aire. These first-to-market applications create holistic building efficiency by allowing managers total control. Learn more about our apps, as well as the Enlighted system, at booth #117.

About Enlighted
Enlighted makes buildings more intelligent by installing a network of smart sensors that gather data on things like light, heat, occupancy, security, and asset location. This data is shared anonymously to a central repository, so that a suite of proprietary apps can harvest it for insights, and interface with building systems to optimize the building environment in real-time. Ultimately, the Enlighted system and apps make buildings significantly more efficient, productive, comfortable, and secure - proven by the 100 million square feet installed at Fortune 500 companies like Google, AT&T, and Oracle.


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