June 2020

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Comments by Ken Sinclair
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June theme "Researching & Reinventing Not Normal"

Ken Sinclair

Our June issue includes many great articles/columns , interviews and reviews about how COVID-19 is changing everything in our world creating our Not Normal.

For a quick summary Read our review

COVID-19 New Normal Not Normal

As I started to research what the New Normal might look like it became very obvious that Not Normal will prevail.

The new normal will not be any normal we know. It is a complete global reboot of our existing way of life and organization, everything involved in purpose, process, work location, and local variations.  Our human social/physical distancing needs to be addressed in our cities, transportation, buildings, and our complete world.  The connected world is now physically apart but more virtually connected than ever.

[an error occurred while processing this directive]Read our review COVID 19 - Research, Reinvent, Recreate, Reboot - Repeat if Necessary  Your Reboot needs to include "Antifragility" the acknowledgment that returning to baseline is not good enough in a world full of disorder and constant change.

COVID 19 - As we recover and return from all being sent home "our global reboot" we need to research and analyze the virus events that changed the world and caused our need for social isolation while grasping the realization that we are all globally connected.

As the world recovers and returns "Reboots" we need to watch those that have flattened their curve and are rebooting first, to learn what works and what will cause the next crash. There will be crashes of our new global operating systems, we need to fail fast and identify those failures. Recover quickly while Reinventing ourselves, Recreating our new Reboot strategies then Reboot - and then keep Repeating this process till we get it correct or at least correct or acceptable for that moment in time.

Your Reboot needs to include "Antifragility" the acknowledgment that returning to baseline is not good enough in a world full of disorder and constant change.

Some have challenged my choice of the word reboot in the computer sense as it alway takes us back to the same place but I was thinking of it in the literal definition "When the holder of the intellectual property discards all existing continuity and starts from scratch it is known as rebooting."

Was pleased to provide the input into "The Impacts of COVID-19 On Intelligent Buildings"  Here is voice track from CABA presentation we start at 5:15 into the meeting.

Be sure to download and read Haystack Connections Spring 2020  “The Mission: Making Data Easy to Work With” - John Petze, Executive Director, Project Haystack & Marc Petock, Executive Secretary, Project Haystack.

Some great articles in this Haystack pdf by several new authors.

This just in from Marc Petock Contributing Editor

COVID-19 has demonstrated the importance of smart building readiness. It also is going to have a lasting impact on the way building owners and operators think about the importance of automation control frameworks and building operating platforms.

Building owners and operators realize that there is no silver bullet to protect against the likes of a COVID-19 and that it will take a multi-layered strategy and approach. They are looking for new assessments to mitigate risk exposure with installed systems, particularly HVAC and mechanical systems that do not have the capacity or resiliency to maintain higher levels of ventilation, higher filtration rates and longer hours of operation.

Owners and operators are seeing a greater value proposition in investing in better controllability of their building's systems and indoor environments. Better control leads to the ability to minimize risk and prepare facilities for occupants to return to buildings that are safe, healthy, and trusted. 

Marc Petock Chief Marketing & Communications Officer Lynxspring, Inc.

As always this new issue is a nest of great articles, columns, reviews, new products, interviews and of course the steady stream of news depicting our rapidly evolution to not normal and journey back to our buildings.

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As always lots of new products, plus be sure to check our event calendar to see the number of events we have in our future.

Editorial from May 2020
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