Editorial - March 2002
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Editorial Comments

April 2002 Issue 

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Our April issue brings several firsts for Our first venture into providing connection to industry experts who can provide online training courses for our industry. Please check out this new section and provide us your feedback.

Our second first is the monthly generation of articles. Up to now we have only published articles every two months, but the constant flow of excellent industry timely information has caused us to change our format to publish monthly. Special thanks to our content contributors. Before our online web magazine our industry would have to wait six months to one year to get the correct printed magazine theme to publish building automation information. Now holding relevant information for a month seems a crime. I hope you like this new format as it will allow a more even flow of reading information to you our busy readers. New interviews in this issue on Online training and our March/April theme "Making Our Own Markets". Read the interviews and articles and imagine between the lines how you could use these concepts to grow your markets. 

Thanks to all our Our Sponsors for allowing us to provide our industry online information service to you for free.

Our Online Forum for an Industry Web Services Information Model continues to grow. Check out the Industry Interaction for the latest. Please encourage the potential users of web services to get involved in this forum. The following email was sent to forum members.

Web Services Information Model Forum Members

This is our first communication. If you are aware of others who may be interested in this forum please reply to this email and copy them and we will add to our members list.

Our call to action
for the first quarter is; Review of online resources, creation and connection to new resources, information exchange at all levels utilizing all mediums. A search by all for examples of models we could adapt and modify for our industry. Large Building Owners, Designers and other Stakeholders to share their visions of probable applications of Web Services.

Reliable Controls We believe that our web services effort needs to be customer-driven and not vendor-driven.  The vendors will surely need to participate in the process, but the driving force should be customers (or customer representatives) who need this capability, and are willing to invest the time it will take to steer the vendors towards the right destination, quell any competitive infighting, and inject the energy that will be needed to see this effort through to its conclusion.

With the above in mind will all forum members talk to potential users of web services and share their feedback or better yet have them get involved in direct feedback to our forum. We need to define the first real applications for web services. The actual real life applications of web services needs a better definition.

All feedback will be posted on
Take a look at interactions todate and provide your feedback.

The content of your feedback will be used to improve your online forum.

Please carry out this discussion and provide feedback by April 1, 2002.

If there are any other issues we should be dealing with in our first quarter please advise me.

Thanks for your support of this forum.

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