Articles - April & March 2002
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Articles - April  2002

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Articles - March 2002 


Marketing and Business

Integrated Solutions  How an improved building process can lead to better buildings  There's a simple way to produce buildings with lower first cost and greater long-term value to the customer: Involve a technology provider up front as an integral part of the process.  Alex Molinaroli, V P Sales, Johnson Controls

Web-Based EMS Interface  For the purposes of this article, a web-based interface is a solution that can be added to an existing, installed EMS that provides bi-directional access to it. The idea is that, once it is installed, users can monitor and control the facility by interacting with the EMS through a standard web browser.  Clay Lewis

Using IP as a Backbone - A New Twist on LonWorks Networks Topologies.  "Internet Protocol has created new opportunities to extend the reach of LonWorks© networks and offers new topology options for LonWorks System Integrators"  Bruce Armstrong Adept Systems, Inc.

The Dawn of a New Age in Energy Management  Solution to the energy crisis ... a true supply/demand-driven market via Internet-Enabled Enterprise Energy Management Systems  Ralf H Edler for Power Measurement

contemporary Continuous Real-time IAQ Monitoring Real-time data viewing is from any Internet connection, anywhere in the world.  Joseph Wolf, PureChoice

Synchronic: Extending interoperability and connectivity… The ideal scenario would be one where current automation software does not have to be updated to use remote communication, one where there is no need for a new protocol or standard…  Emmanuel Claus,

The Evolution and Future of Control Systems We know where we've been, but where might we be going in the future of control systems?  Edward H. Brzezowski P.E., Facility Energy Services, Inc.

Making Our Own Markets  One of the major changes is that we are no longer a specialized industry that is applied as a preconceived part of a building. We are now the innovators that extend the reach and interaction of our client's information enterprise.  Ken Sinclair,

Web Services - The Next Level  Just like the next level in a video game, moving our Building Automation Industry Information and Interaction to the evolving WEB SERVICES LEVEL changes everything, new rules, new power, and a new Information Model. Ken Sinclair,

Industry Technologies Trends

All-Variable Speed Centrifugal Chiller Plants: Can We Make Our Plants More Efficient?  Why the sudden change in attitude toward variable speed? Thomas Hartman, P.E., The Hartman Company

CABA and 9/11 It is only by working together that we can affect positive change and improve our buildings of the future.  Ron Zimmer, CABA

Should Drives be Specified in Division 15 or 16?  This article will document some of the more compelling reasons to place the drive specification in the mechanical or controls section of the specification.  Michael R. Olson, ABB Inc., Drives & Power Electronics

Opto 22 Case Study Minnesota Control Company / Minneapolis-St. Paul Intl. Airport   To date, all the automation projects completed by Minnesota Control Company at MSP have been well received by the customer and have contributed to the airport receiving some very positive recognition.  David Crump, Opto 22 Marketing Communications

Previous Favourites 
The articles most requested by our readers.

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John J. "Jack" McGowan, CEM  Energy Control Inc. DDC's Future 1-01

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