March 2012

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Ken Sinclair
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The Wireless Way

Our March Theme "The Wireless Way" was encapsulated in our last month's "Open Connection Communities" theme, but this is a now movement in our industry that needs its own space and focus to educate us all.

The present impact and future impact of wireless on our industry is huge.  If you have not already become unwired this issue is a great opportunity to see where the industry is today. Wireless certainly provides an ideal solution for the last few hundred yards or meters, no matter how your measure it.  The softness of wireless makes it a great solution for the mushiness of that part of the building that is always under renovation, the tenant space. Self powered peel and stick sensors and wireless devices that are part of a strong mesh network that interacts with our existing networks will forever change the industry.

I hope you learn as much as we did while assembling this great collection of wireless articles, interviews, and reviews and columns all from many points of view. If you, like me, tried wireless many years ago you found the freedom of wireless was quickly over shadowed by the battery blues, you must look at the new technologies and their innovative self-powering schemes that connect with virtual networks.  Combining miniaturized energy harvesters and highly efficient wireless technology creates service-free wireless sensor solutions for use in the extension our building automation systems.

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