March 2019

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The Most Affordable Energy Monitoring

Manufacturers of building automation are faced with the challenges to best assist in monitoring the energy of buildings.

Michal Bugajski

Michał Bugajski,
Product Manager,
Global Control 5 Sp. z. o.o.

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Today's commercial buildings require more and more energy monitoring. It is already widespread standard to monitor voltage, power, etc. in electric cabinets on individual floors. Pressure on energy efficiency forces the owners to install many meters, which costs a lot.
Manufacturers of building automation are faced with the challenges to best assist in monitoring the energy of buildings.

The solution is the iSMA-B-8I-IP module because it is the only market module that simultaneously (using one device) allows you to monitor electrical installations, integrate any power meters and gives you full independence and flexibility. What makes it the best price solution, and why?

Figure 1

Affordability -  with a single module you can monitor the status of electrical voltage and connect the power meter.
Universality  - you can use the same module to connect ANY meter by Modbus RTU (RS485)
Flexibility  - built-in IP makes the architecture easier, faster, fault-tolerant installation because:
Modbus TCP and BACnet IP protocols provide communication with any BMS system, which makes this module a very flexible solution compared to e.g.

a) The 10 DI Schneider TAC Xenta 411 module, which requires a central unit like Schneider TAC Xenta 401
b) The 8 DI Siemens TXM1.8D module, which requires a central unit like PXCxxx; 

The iSMA-B-8I-IP module does not require any central unit and is an independent module fully operating after BACnet IP with BTL certificate or Modbus TCP. It has a UL certificate. All this makes the module even more flexible and at the same time cheaper!

The easiest and cheapest solution to monitor the electrical cabinet is to use the iSMA-B-8I-IP module because you can simultaneously monitor electrical states, integrate the meter and send all IP data to any BMS system without the central unit costs.
More about iSMA-B-8I-IP:

About the Author

Michał Bugajski specializes in product management, has several years of experience as a Product Manager. He gained experience with distributors and manufacturers of household appliances (among others in the MTD). Currently, he is professionally connected with Global Control 5, where he is responsible for the I/O modules. Passionate about broadly understood utility and home technology, trainer. His interests also include coolhunting, business psychology and technical and whisper marketing.


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