May 2020

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Nicolas Waern

EMAIL INTERVIEWNicolas Waern and Ken Sinclair

Nicolas Waern, WINNIIO

"The Building Whisperer"

Contributing Editor

3D-Printing and No-Code-Platforms and Digital Twins, oh my!

“There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently,
that which should not be done at all.” – Peter Drucker

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Ken Sinclair: Nicolas, two articles this month? And an interview? What is going on? You are leaving everyone else in the dust! Let us limit this to 3 questions, shall we?

First of all, what’s new?

Nicolas Waern: Hopefully, I can get my podcast going, as well as the newsletter. I have 8 podcasts/meetings recorded around some interesting topics. After all, it is the data companies do not have that will change their life, and that is why I am trying to share information.

“The Data to Impact loop will be at the core of every strategy”
- Nicolas Waern

And about article writing, well, I hope it is quality I am putting out there and not just quantity. But you are right, it has been an eventful month to say the least. All this Covid and Corona craze the last month has made me even more productive than before and I have had phenomenal conversations and new customers coming in, and even more in the pipeline.

Discussions this month have been around these topics.

Ken Sinclair: That sure sounds like you are living on the edge! Very interesting Nicolas. But it seems like there’s very little method to the madness. Can you please explain how all these things fit together?

Nicolas Waern: That is exactly what my customers pay me to do! But I can say that with new and modern tools, it gets easier and easier to create the things people have always dreamed of, by the people having had the dreams for a lifetime.

Take the Low-code/no-code platforms for instance. Imagine domain experts doing the job of 10 developers, not having to translate information back and forth between different disciplines. Reducing the time, the cost and the complexity needed to do something ground-breaking will certainly make the world a better place much faster than ever before.

Combine that with data harmonization platforms that can take data out of existing systems and silos and create new end2end processes where there is a red thread of all the data. And enabling companies to make sense of not only existing data, but also the data that they did not know they needed.

Utilizing platforms like Platform of Trust allows companies to break silos, see the data trickle out, use self-service tools to make sense of the data in a faster way. And not only stopping at data harmonization, state of the art Digital Twin Platforms like SEKAI can stream data from different applications enabling data to become tied to physical objects. As such, people from different disciplines can make sense of data together through Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality, being able to make decisions around a shared truth. All of this without any need for vendor specific standards, protocols, and taxonomies.

And thus, turn data into information, and information into insight, which will hopefully lead to an action and an impact, that is then turned into data, and there we go. The data to impact loop is born, and it will be at the core of everything.

Ken Sinclair: That is truly democratizing smart city innovation… very interesting. I thought that Digital Twins were all about the visual aspects, but you are saying that it is more than meets the eye? Any information/documentation to share? Any other final comments?

Nicolas Waern: I want to tell you about 3D-printing, but first Digital Twins. It depends on what you mean. As always. A digital twin can mean a lot of different things depending whom you are asking. In fact, I facilitated a presentation last week for 31 industry professionals about True Connected Digital Twins that I believe will revolutionize existing and future developments in all areas. Here is an audio-recording of the session and the folder also contains an amazing presentation (just reach out to me if you are interested in knowing more).

It was a 82% turn-out of the ones invited, which showed that it was something people are interested in knowing more about. Industrial companies with factories, turbines, solar farms, wind farms, automotive, etc are the usual suspects. This due to the fact that they have money, have a need, and still trying to make sense of data in order to improve up-time in factories, and also extend the lifecycle and efficiency of products out in the field.

“There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently,
that which should not be done at all.”
– Peter Drucker

However, Construction companies were one of the more interested parties because they have so much information from all different places. Which also makes them very interesting. And construction sites seem to be riddled with coordination challenges, where a no-show might lead to almost exponential cost increases and delays. By pooling in information from different sources, tying that to a physical location/asset, it can save millions for large construction sites.

Digital Twin
i. Digital Twin Creation Platform for construction, systems integration, real estate and Smart Cities

Doing more with less, and utilizing modern tools is the key. But with the advent of the thousands of platforms and technologies, it becomes even more important to tie them into strategy and decision-making. Because even though many companies try to throw some technology at a problem, it is (unfortunately) not always that they can find management buy-in. It is more of a norm that companies have a solid business case, and a way to scale up technology initiatives internally as well as externally.

Knowing where to get started, get going and how to succeed with anything digital these days require an understanding of the global landscape, business as well as technology, and how to piece all these things together. It is as Peter Drucker has famously said,

“There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently, that which should not be done at all.”

Which is the cue for 3D-printing.

I have talked to professionals and companies that have done various initiatives with 3D-printing over the last month. And it has been mind-blowing to say the least. 3D-printing was just a novelty for me, but having seen videos like the largest 3D-printed buildings in the world, made in Dubai last year, I can’t state enough how impressive I think it is.

I believe we will see much more of a demand for rapid strategies, rapid construction, due to the changing landscape of both businesses, and… well the landscape. Due to Climate change a lot of people will be displaced and now also with Covid and Corona, I fear that we will see more homeless people than before. And more people in need of affordable housing. With modern technologies, cities will have the possibility to create new areas for people and families in no-time. There is also a convergence in technology where people can control home energy systems from distances including heating, electric, lighting and ventilation systems. And for cities to be able to provide security services based on CCTV footage data in the vicinity.

This gives cities and municipalities cutting edge tools required to create spaces and places where people can feel safe and have control of their life in an improved way.

Companies like Black Buffalo 3D not only provide aforementioned IoT and Blockchain solutions, but they also build 3D-printers for houses. These can print 4 stories high, and in sections of 1500ft2 (by combining segments very large structures can be built at a fraction of the cost and time of existing ways of working), and the 3D printing industry is still in its infancy, which means that we will see amazing developments happen in the not so distant future.

I definitely think that forward thinking construction companies need to start taking this seriously. Especially if they do not want to spend millions of dollars, and time, on making obsolete ways of working more efficient.

And that is why we are here to tell companies what the world is going to do a month, a year, a decade from now. WINNIIO have a complete understanding of what is needed to stand out from competition, advise on pros and cons, and be the strategy partner for both technology and organization-advice in a Smart World Environment (Construction/Industry/Smart Buildings and Cities).

Please reach out if you have any questions on how to get started, get going, or how to succeed in the next decade!


Nicolas Waern

Digital Transformation Expert – Helping companies find their role in a Smart City Context



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