November 2021

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EMAIL INTERVIEWA Smarter Stack for Smarter Buildings

With  Contributing editor  Anto Budiardjo "Facility IT Evangelist" & Ken Sinclair Publisher -


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Ken: The Smarter Stack is a powerful tool, tell our readers how it came about?


Anto: The Smarter Stack came out of Monday Live!ma group ( formed at the start of the pandemic. The group is made up of thought leaders from the smart building industry, initially trying to understand the impact of the pandemic on buildings, and recently, working to understand what smart buildings will look like post-pandemic and how we can scale up deployment to make buildings efficient, productive and healthy.

Over the 18 months of Monday Live! conversations, the group felt that some framework is necessary to organize all of the components, technologies, products, and companies that now proliferate the industry. The Smarter Stack is that tool.

Ken: Is the Smarter Stack something we can all use?

Anto: Yes, Ken, we decided to make the Smarter Stack open-source, so anyone can use it. You can see the raw stack at, including the run-through of what the stack is, as well as a link to a template that you can use to create your own stack.


Ken: How do I learn how to use the stack?

Anto: There are a number of videos of the Smarter Stack presentations available on the ​​Monday Live! site, as well as an interview on a Memoori webcast. A growing number of industry folks have created stacks for their product/technology as well as stacks depicting projects.

Ken: Where can I see example stacks?

Anto: We at Padi have taken the liberty of creating a library of Smarter Stacks together with videos, explainers, and other interesting assets. They are available for anyone at The site is hosted on the Padi platform, and login is required using any Google credentials.


Ken: Can I get some help to create a stack?

Anto: A few of us on Monday Live! Are open to helping create stacks, so join us on one of the Monday Live! and chime in. You can also reach out directly to me, I’m happy to jump on a brief call. I love doing these calls because I learn so much when working to create stacks.

Ken: Can I submit a stack to the library?

Anto: Yes, if you have a stack you wish to share, please reach out to me at and we’ll get it up on the site together with any other supporting assets you have to explain the use case.

Ken: How are people using the tool?

Anto: the Smarter Stack is fundamentally a communication and planning tool. We have found it especially invaluable when trying to explain a particular product or technology. People are also using it to visually depict requirements for buildings. One of the most interesting uses is to perform gap analysis, useful for your product planning activities or discussions with your customers.

Ken: What lies ahead for the Smarter Stack?

Anto: I am really looking forward to the AHR Expo in Las Vegas, I think the stack can make explaining the complexity of smart building solutions much easier. We are also presenting the Smarter Stack during one of the education sessions on Monday of AHR. So, when you visit a vendor’s booth, why not ask them where they fit on the Smarter Stack.

Ken: It’s a very interesting tool, thanks.

Anto: Yes, thank you to all those who contributed; the Monday Live! members, guests, and attendees all have helped create it. It truly is a collaborative effort on the part of the industry, I am very happy to have been part of it.


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