September 2007

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  Ken Sinclair Editor/Owner

This is just what we have all been looking for, a dictionary that defines all those annoying acronyms and initialisms we all use but nobody is sure what they stand for. Chuck Ehrlich, CTO of Building Intelligence Group, (that is correct Chuck not Paul (Paul's brother) of has taken on the task of adding English subtitles to Paul's everyday words and annoying acronyms / initialisms. He has even turned it into a book as well as an online resource.  This attractive soft covered book is a great companion at your desk, but I find the online version even more useful and have bookmarked it for quick reference. One of the best things about this virtual and real paper back dictionary is its ability to grow. Chuck has included in its design a Suggest feature that allows input to suggest additions or changes. All messages are reviewed by an editor before they appear online. In this manner we all as an industry can make our dictionary stronger and more complete. 

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Control Solutions, Inc is your online reference for Intelligent Building terminology, acronyms, initialisms, and related information:
  • What is an Intelligent Building?
  • Who wrote the Intelligent Building Dictionary? See About Us.
  • Search or browse the dictionary: Words and Figures.
  • To purchase the Intelligent Building Dictionary:
    terminology for smart, integrated, green building design, construction, and management
    in book form see
  • Suggest a term, improve a definition, or let us know what you think, please Contact Us.

Intelligent Buildings require cooperation between traditional building trades; building automation; Green Building specialists; experts in new technologies like lighting control, digital signage, and intelligent bathrooms; and Information Technology specialists to integrate building systems and enterprise information systems.

This convergence of disciplines has resulted in an explosion of specialized terms, acronyms, and jargon. The experts at the Building Intelligence Group created this dictionary to help novices and experts cut through the confusion and understand the vocabulary of this fast growing field.

This dictionary features:

  • Clear concise definitions over more than 2,500 terms, organized and cross referenced for fast easy access.
  • Links to sources of additional information.
  • Summary tables is a service of Hands-on-Guide and Building Intelligence Group.


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