September 2020

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Networking the Way it Should Be

The S4 Group is a building automation integration technology company. But, our roots are in the networking, telecommunications, integration, and network / systems management worlds.
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Delivering seamless open systems integration solutions for non-IT and building automation systems (BAS)

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Most of our readers know The S4 Group as a building automation integration technology company. But, our roots are in the networking, telecommunications, integration, and network / systems management worlds. With the arrival of work-from-home mandates and options, this background is serving us well independently of the vertical market.

Some time ago we noticed the trend towards building owners and their support contractors needing to introduce value added services like remote monitoring, dashboards, energy management and monitoring, analytics, demand-response services, and continuous commissioning, plus many others that help make legacy buildings, and their occupants, more efficient and more productive. It was cost prohibitive for them to upgrade to current generation technology via a rip-and-replace approach. In response, we re-cast the S4 Box as an on-site agent to provide data from legacy BAS systems.

Automation systems that historically were secured by physical and electrical isolation are now being brought into the digital age with increased demands driven by the above new functionality and associated cybersecurity.

Networking technology is always required to connect data sources with applications that turn the raw data into actionable information. Traditional networking is generally too complex, too costly, and requires specialized engineering and implementation skills.



We’ve been looking for a solution to these issues and we believe that we have found one through a relationship with TOSIBOX.

The S4 business model has always been to go to market through a network of distributor and integrator partners, with S4 providing the enabling technology and our partners delivering the complete solution through the technology and services they determined were required to meet their customer’s requirements. TOSIBOX perfectly fits this business model.

From our years of experience in the building automation space, we have found that you have to get the question of cost out of the way before partners will listen to anything else that you try to educate them about. So, here is a graphic that compares TOSIBOX networking with the traditional IT approach.

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Property Managers Guide to Building Systems and Cybersecurity

Tue, Aug 25, 2020

A Career Making Opportunity for Asset Managers of Commercial Properties

Article by Dr. Joel Rakow, Fortium Partners


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