Press Release - August 2003
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Revotech Industries International Introduces VGuard Digital Video Surveillance System

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VGuard Provides Easy Access and Control From Anywhere, Anytime. Revotech Industries International announces the release of VGuard Digital Video Surveillance System. Revotech VGuard is the world's only surveillance system with SMICT (Super Motion Image Compression Technology).

Los Angeles, CA - Revotech, the leading provider of Revolutionary Technology, has announced the release of the new VGuard Digital Video Surveillance Network System. Utilizing SMICT (Super Motion Image Compression Technology) as its image compression engine, Revotech's VGuard series is the most advanced surveillance system in the world. SMICT is a proprietary digital image technology used in video storage and communication, and is particularly effective in extended recording time applications such as video surveillance. Revotech SMICT's low bit rate and high image quality enables VGuard to meet the requirements of extended recording time and/or limited storage space, and to transmit video signals through narrow band transmission environments such as PSTN.

Revotech VGuard integrates such functions as remote monitoring, alarm, playback, post-image processing, and intelligent real-time image motion detection. Revotech's intelligent real-time image motion detection increases recording time by up to four times or more, while eliminating the need for costly independent motion sensors. VGuard's advanced alarm functions use audible warning sounds, capture video images and transfer alarm events to remote telephone by voice, to pagers via text, or to remote station(s) using live video event transfer. False alarm risk is greatly minimized due to VGuard's consistently ultra-stable image. VGuard's enhanced multi-tasking capability can simultaneously execute recording, playback, remote monitoring, and viewing of video images. Powerful networking capability allows monitoring of multiple local sites and multiple remote sites through PSTN, LAN or the Internet, all at the same time.

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