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Control Solutions, Inc. - Minnesota

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Energy Solutions From TAC Increase a Building’s Efficiency

Guaranteed Energy Savings Pay for Facility Improvements

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Control Solutions, Inc

DALLAS – July 2003 – TAC, a world leader in Open Systems for Building IT® and security systems, has also enhanced its energy solutions offerings to improve the efficiency of buildings. With TAC’s guaranteed savings program, building owners can use utility expense savings to finance facility improvements.

TAC’s Energy Solutions group provides comprehensive utility efficiency and conservation opportunities for schools, universities, government and other public and private building owners with facilities needing to address improvements or upgrades. Through a performance contract, customers can repair or replace aging and inefficient building envelope and infrastructure such as mechanical equipment, lighting systems, windows, and building control and monitoring systems. By using the money saved through performance contracting, the customer achieves these improvements without experiencing upfront costs or any additional cost above current budgets.

An energy solution project through TAC begins with a facility audit by an energy analyst trained to identify potential improvements. The auditor examines heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment, lighting, building controls, and other systems in order to develop a comprehensive package of improvements designed to reduce utility expenses and other building operating costs.

Next, the TAC team installs the complete package of improvements and efficiency measures, and works with the facility staff to produce the desired building performance. As a result, each month the owner saves enough on utility bills to cover the cost of the improvements, while the facility operates more efficiently and comfortably.

About TAC

TAC helps people feel and function better, as a direct result of greater environmental comfort. This is made possible by TAC’s concept of Open Systems for Building IT®, which utilizes information technology to provide customers with advantages such as indoor climate optimization, energy savings, flexibility, security, reduced expenses and user-friendly operation.

TAC is owned by Schneider Electric and has subsidiary companies and partners in more than 70 countries throughout the world. More information is available at

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