Press Release - July 2003
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New Industry Opportunities

The results of recent projects confirm new network enabled control technologies offer enormous opportunities to those in the industry who are willing to change their perspective from the century old concepts that have guided and continue to guide building HVAC system design and operations.

Without raising first costs it is now possible to build and operate commercial building HVAC systems that consume about 50% of the electricity of fully optimized conventional systems and at the same time incorporate simpler system configurations and simpler operations. These benefits are now being demonstrated in the early projects we have completed that have been designed around the new control technology called "demand based control"

Although demand based control offers a sound and straightforward path to improving energy efficiency and comfort in buildings, it is by no means universally accepted by the industry at this time. Many manufacturers, designers, and building operators appear willing to continue employing older technologies in their work. For the first time in a long while, this creates in our industry a true opportunity for differentiation and a potential competitive advantage for those who are willing to incorporate and support more advanced control technologies in our products, designs, and building operations.

To get a better idea of the potential benefits that demand based control offers designers and manufacturers, and how this technology is applied most effectively, we have assembled the following elements from our firm's resource database:

1. An on-line essay written by Mr. Hartman for outlines the two most critical problems in our industry and how network enable demand based control can provide improvements that are orders of magnitude beyond the performance of current technologies. This essay can be found at: 

2. A recent HPAC Engineering Magazine Article Mr. Hartman wrote on ultra-efficient building comfort cooling that describes some of the features of demand based control and outlines a case study of this exciting new technology. This article is available at: 

3. An article Mr. Hartman wrote a few years ago that discusses the critical issue of comfort control in commercial buildings. This article shows why maintaining suitable comfort requires some capacity for individual control which is now becoming more straightforward to apply. This article can be found at: 

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