July 2005
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It has been noticed by so many that “Diversified Operations Syndrome” is found nationwide in a large number of facilities and organizations.  This operational disease occurs naturally when departments and divisions function independently without connecting to others, in many cases oblivious to the impact it has on the facility or organization as a whole.  This is not the preferred method to operate and maintain structures efficiently.

MAR-NEL, (www.marnelco.com) beginning in 2005-2006, has elected to entertain this issue through their nationally recognized two-day series of seminars, designed to present the “big picture” of building operations and identify each department and individual’s role.  Once all building-responsible personnel are knowledgeable of one another’s perspective, they are better equipped and the syndrome can be eliminated.  To medicate by subduing or camouflaging the symptoms does not bring about a cure.  It takes understanding and awareness of the many facets of building operations to extract this disease.

 MAR-NEL supports automation as the most important tool in the healing process.  If everyone understands the building design, purpose, and all aspects of support, then automation and its access is the vital link.  Automation provides the means to monitor, evaluate, decide and change whatever necessary to the benefit of those in need.  Also, automation is the pathway to cost cutting without serious repercussions.

This syndrome is more likely to occur today, especially with our focus changing.  Today we are deeply concerned with energy conservation, the environment, water shortage, security, human comfort and health, and, of course, cost.  The issues of Air Quality and Mold have become a litigator’s dream come true and, at the same time, a living nightmare to those in facility operation.  Add to this the fact that the majority of our current technical expertise in so many areas is part of the baby boomer generation and sees retirement close in the future.  The resulting gaping hole this is leaving is why so many human resource managers are becoming smarter in building operations.

Oh yes, most readers recognize the existence of the syndrome, but hesitate to confront it.  It can’t change overnight.  Even “Power Packaging” takes time. MAR-NEL has the desire, the team and the events to help.


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