July 2005
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Crossbow Technology and Richards-Zeta Form Key Strategic Alliance

Wireless Sensor Networks and Building Intelligence Deliver Real-World End-to-End Solutions for Intelligent, Connected Buildings

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San Jose, California and Santa Barbara, CA – Crossbow Technology, Inc. and Richards-Zeta Building Intelligence, Inc., jointly announced the formation of a key strategic business and technology alliance intended to deliver the power of wireless sensor networks and building intelligence to end-users.  The alliance formed by Crossbow and Richards-Zeta will benefit clients of both companies by providing the integration of technology platforms and forming complete end-to-end solutions.  This collaboration between Crossbow and Richards-Zeta will make it possible for users requiring extensive sensing solutions to now integrate multiple sites with many sub-systems into one intelligent, IP-centric platform. 

Crossbow’s wireless sensor platform includes a wide array of sensors for building automation, utilities, transportation, industrial, and military applications to monitor critical operating parameters over a wide range of environmental conditions.  In many building automation applications, the deployment of a wireless network of sensors can significantly increase the availability of information regarding the operating efficiency of major systems and sub-systems. Through the deployment of these wireless sensor networks, the property becomes an intelligent building that can be better managed and operated.  Richards-Zeta’ OMEGA user interface and M2 hardware platform seamlessly integrate with Crossbow’s wireless sensors enabling the integration of wireless sensors in disparate building systems. 

This strategic alliance follows recent major investments in Crossbow by Cisco Systems, Intel Capital and Paladin Capital Group.  Crossbow’s alliance with Richards-Zeta further builds on the existing relationship between Cisco and Richards-Zeta, and further solidifies the delivery of solutions for developing smarter and connected buildings. These mutual relationships are expected to deliver new wireless sensor networking solutions to end-users.  Both Crossbow and Richards-Zeta will be driving the joint adoption of technologies, from the integration of wireless mesh networking directly into Richards-Zeta’s Mediator/M2 hardware and OMEGA suite of web tools, to the bundling of building intelligence integration products with the deployment of a sensor network provided to customers by Crossbow.  The alliance between Crossbow and Richards-Zeta is expected to boost both immediate and long-term sales, while creating new sales and marketing channels for both companies.

contemporary About Crossbow Technology

Founded in 1995, Crossbow Technology, Inc. is the leading supplier of end-to-end solutions in wireless sensor networks and the largest manufacturer of wireless sensor networks. Crossbow has for years been at the forefront of creating and deploying smaller, smarter, wireless sensing devices and mesh networking platforms for large-scale defense, environmental, agricultural, industrial monitoring and control, building automation, security and asset tracking applications.

Crossbow Technology, Inc. is also the leading supplier of inertial sensor systems for aviation, land and marine applications and other instrumentation sensors. Crossbow has a ten-year history of delivering sensors for applications and industries with the most stringent performance requirements in the harshest of environments. Vvisit Crossbow on the Web at www.xbow.com.

 About Richards-Zeta

Richards-Zeta Building Intelligence, Inc. is a manufacturer of IP centric building integration controls.  Richards-Zeta has a legacy of first to market innovations, including perfectHOST®, the industry’s first all-in-one graphical programming and graphical user interface package, now an integral component of the OMEGA® platform suite.  For more information on Richards-Zeta please go to: www.richards-zeta.com. 


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