July 2005
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Tridium Announces the Release of NiagaraAX®

Third Generation of the Niagara Framework® provides quantum leap in flexibility, openness and functionality

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RICHMOND, Virginia — Tridium announced the general market release of NiagaraAX the latest version of its market leading Niagara Framework®. Niagara is a software framework specifically designed to address the challenges of building device-to-enterprise applications, Internet-enabled products and Internet-based automation systems. NiagaraAX provides a unified, feature rich platform which streamlines the development process significantly reducing implementation costs for manufacturers and systems integrators.

NiagaraAX creates a common environment that connects to almost any embedded device imaginable, regardless of manufacturer or communication protocol. NiagaraAX models the data and behavior of devices into normalized software components, providing a seamless, uniform view of device data to the enterprise via a wide variety of IP-based protocols and XML-based connectivity options, and open API’s. 

NiagaraAX advances the state of the art with many new capabilities including: an open communication driver development kit, an extensible component model, a built-in reporting engine that automatically generates PDF documents, support for dynamic data displays in standard PDA’s and cell phones, enhanced tools for creating animated information displays in standard web-browsers, support for web-services for easy integration with enterprise applications, and the ability to run on smaller, lower cost processor platforms.

Marathon Partners with Tridium, Inc.

Enabling Simple, Affordable Continuous Uptime for Unified Manufacturing Platforms

Littleton, Mass., USA  — Marathon Technologies Corporation, the leading developer and supplier of fault- and disaster-tolerant solutions for industry standard Microsoft® Windows® environments, announced that it has signed a software alliance agreement with Tridium, Inc., a leading provider of software technology for device-to-enterprise applications and Internet-enabled products. This agreement will enable Tridium customers to purchase a fully integrated, supported solution that combines Tridium’s Niagara Framework® software, which integrates diverse manufacturing systems and devices into a unified platform, with Marathon FTvirtual Server™ software, which provides simple, affordable, continuous uptime for any Windows application.

Invensys’ Com-Trol unleashes “Powered by NiagaraAX” CrysalisTM to serve commercial refrigeration markets

New Product Line Uses Niagara Framework to Connect and Manage Smart Devices over Internet

RICHMOND, VA and Mansfield, OH — Tridium Inc. and Com-Trol, a division of Invensys PLC, have collaborated on the development of a new controller built using the NiagaraAX software platform, Tridium’s 3rd generation automation framework. Com-Trol recently introduced Crysalis™ the new line of commercial refrigeration and building systems controllers built using the NiagaraAX platform at the FMI show in Chicago.  By adopting NiagaraAX as their development platform, Com-Trol dramatically reduced development cost and shortened time to market thanks to NiagaraAX‘s comprehensive software platform. NiagaraAX includes web-based GUI builder, communications driver toolkit, real-time control engine, alarm manager and reporting tools.


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