Press Release - June 2003
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Andover Controls special report on the Network Reliability and Interoperability Council (NRIC)

Federal Communications Commission Working Group Endorses Facility Monitoring Best Practices for Homeland Security

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Andover Controls publishes free white paper explaining how facility managers and property owners can comply with new security recommendations from independent FCC council

Andover, Mass. - Andover Controls Corporation, a leading manufacturer of smart building solutions, today announced publication of a special report on the Network Reliability and Interoperability Council (NRIC), a Telecom working group formed by the FCC. The report details how the NRIC's latest recommendations for physical security at Telecom facilities can be achieved using Andover's flagship product, Continuum®. Issued as an addendum to the Andover white paper "Integrated Network and Facility Monitoring Systems for Telecommunications," the report is available as a free download at: 

The NRIC is a select committee of 35 leading private industry companies that oversee U.S. national communications reliability, security, and interoperability. As an advising body, it issues recommendations to industry on best practices Service Providers and Network Operators should implement for increased Homeland Security and to guard against terrorist attacks. The report describes how Service Providers and Network Operators can comply with current and specific NRIC recommendations published March 14, 2003. These include: 

  • Alarming and continuous monitoring of all means of facility access 

  • Alarming and continuous monitoring of outside plant temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions which may fall outside operating parameters 

  • Single-card and single-architecture access control to mitigate security risks 

  • Using technology that integrates access control, digital video recording, intrusion detection, life safety systems, personnel records, and audit trails.

"The best practice recommendations from this independent panel are essentially a perfect fit for Continuum," says Rainer Wischinski, Vice President of Marketing at Andover Controls. "This white paper directly addresses how Service Providers and Network Operators can increase their network security, and save on operating expenses at the same time."

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