June 2005
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Join Us in France at the LonWorld Exhibition and Conference!

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October 20-21, 2005

LonWorld Exhibition and Conference, the world's leading forum for the LonWorks® industry, brings together suppliers, buyers and users of the world's leading device networking standard. This two-day event offers in-depth presentations and impartial perspectives on business trends in the LonWorks industry and the technology presented by top executives in the building, home, transportation and industrial automation industries.

Call for Speakers

It is that time of year again when LonWorld reaches out to the industry to call for speakers. The goal of the program is to make it easier for industry professionals to learn about a wide range of important industry topics, as efficiently as possible. The technology is continuing to advance at an unprecedented pace and every aspect of our industry is subject to radical change. Not only will these technological advancements alter how we conduct our transactions and operate our businesses, they will impact how we will do it in the future. We are looking for topics, that will uncover the latest business ideas, technologies and solutions indicative of 21st century business practices. If you or someone you know is leading the way in a given area of our industry, please take the time to submit your abstract.

For more information or to submit a paper, please go to http://www.lonworldexpo.com/conference/default.htm

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