June 2005
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Second Annual M2M Event Returns to European Market to Deliver Real World Products, Solutions

IRVING, TEXAS--The widespread adoption of M2M technologies throughout key industries has fuelled the need for continuing education on the subject. In response, Clasma Events, Inc. in partnership with Harbor Research and e-principles announced today the second annual M2M Expo and Conference to be held 8-10 November, 2005 at the Amsterdam RAI.

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Building on the success of the inaugural event in 2004, the sole European event dedicated to machine-to-machine, or M2M, communication will provide attendees the opportunity to see the technologies in real world situations. Through first-hand accounts from the adopter and supplier side, the audience will benefit from hearing application strategies, best practices, and lessons learned by those with first-hand experience. The event will also continue to define the market, the leaders, and new technology breakthroughs of this promising industry.

"In the past year, we have seen the development of some amazing M2M products and enabling technologies in a variety of key applications from buildings, utilities and construction to transportation and medical," Glen Allmendinger, Harbor Research, Inc. president, said. "Now with real world case studies and experiences, the 2005 M2M Expo and Conference will be the perfect venue to communicate to the adopters, suppliers, and users the impact that M2M technology will have on virtually every aspect of their organisations."

The first year for this event witnessed an initial gathering of the industry, all of those who saw immense potential in the technologies including technology suppliers, adopters, OEMs, technologists, and industry observers. By the end of 2005, it is estimated that this industry will explode with networked devices, and those who entered on the ground floor will be at a significant advantage of being an early adopter of M2M technology.

Collocated with BuilConn Europe 2005, the integrated and intelligent buildings industry’s pre-eminent expo and conference, M2M attendees will have the added benefit of gaining insight into the buildings marketplace, a primary adopter and significant industry for M2M solutions.

"As the place where the M2M community is gathering, it is interesting to see the growing synergies between the M2M and buildings communities," Anto Budiardjo, Clasma Events, Inc. President and M2M organiser, said. "These two events provide attendees with a unique opportunity to appraise the technologies that give power to the Enterprise as well as discover new application strategies of M2M connectivity that will directly impact their organization’s productivity and ROI."

Because of its close relationship to the wireless network community, the M2M Expo and Conference will feature a track developed and delivered by the ZigBee Alliance, an association of companies working together to enable reliable, cost-effective, low-power, wirelessly networked, monitoring and control products based on an open global standard.

Reliable Controls About Clasma Events Inc.

Clasma Events Inc. is a Dallas-based conference and event planning company specializing in providing services for the building systems and device connectivity industries. Clasma is made up of marketing, technical and communication professionals who have between them decades of industry experience in product development and marketing. Clasma works with a vast network of associates around the world to provide its valuable services to the building systems industry. For additional information, please visit www.clasma.com.

About e-principles

e-principles is a leading European provider of market research, analysis and consulting services and is focused on the rapidly developing market for M2M solutions, services and products. We provide support to identify and realise market opportunities in the M2M market.

Our clients – including many network operators, service and solution providers and vendors – are all involved in the development, supply or maintenance of products and services in the market and range from start-ups to multi-national companies. Our website is at www.e-principles.com and our m2m-specific information site is at www.m2mfocus.com

About Harbor Research, Inc.

Harbor Research has been providing strategic consulting and research services to leaders in communication, computing, control and content since 1983. Harbor is organized around emergent and disruptive opportunities in high technology, with a unique focus on pervasive computing, cluster/grid computing and Open Source, among other topics. For further information, please visit www.harborresearch.com.



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