June 2005
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Private Display Network, LLC. - Electronic Signage Improves Morale and Creates New Revenue for Worldwide Military Bases

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Control Solutions, Inc

Virginia Beach, VA  – The most versatile products in the electronic signage market were made available for distribution on U.S. military bases worldwide on May 6, 2005.

Developed by the Private Display Network (“PDN”) and powered by the ADSN Player & Scheduler Solution to improve morale and generate revenue, the Dual Use Display Monitors and Digital Menu Board combine cutting-edge software and hardware technology to promote the corporate sponsorship and commercial advertising initiatives of the U.S. military’s MWR/Services Program.

Using virtually any large size HDTV quality video display device including LCD, Plasma or projection unit, the Dual Use Monitor and the Digital Menu Board can display multiple content in individual panes defined on the screen. National or local broadcasts, as well as any information pertinent to the individual base i.e. localized news and weather displayed in tandem with simultaneous sponsorship content provide a rich, vivid experience to the viewer. The displays will increase the entertainment value of the facility and will generate a continuous revenue stream to the military through this electronic delivery system. Static signage cannot be readily changed. Targeted information is presented where buyers buy and decisions are made.

The MWR programs operated by each branch of the military contribute to the retention, readiness, mental, physical and emotional well being of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families.

Current advertisers have embraced the electronic signage network as an opportunity to provide visual information in new, creative ways. Companies interested in leveraging the ability to display information that is current and fresh, unlike flat or static signage can contact our marketing department for further information for venues and available advertising slots.

About Private Display Network
Based in Virginia Beach, VA, PDN specializes in Private Broadcast and Electronic Signage Networks. Content Management is an enabling technology available on a fully remote basis. The ADSN Content Management Portal provides content owners with rapid deployment capabilities on-schedule or on-demand to targeted demographic audiences who can derive timely benefit from that information. Please visit our website at http://www.privatedisplay.com


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