June 2005
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Multi-Tech VoIP for Call Center and Multi-Tenant Use

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Multi-Tech Connects Fax, Phones and Legacy PBXs to IP Network

MINNEAPOLIS – Multi-Tech® Systems, Inc., a leading data communications technology company based in suburban Minneapolis, announces a new Voice over IP (VoIP) gateway for organizations needing to connect multiple analog devices to an IP network such as the Internet or an intranet. Designed to connect phones, fax machines and legacy PBXs, the new multi-line MultiVOIP™ VoIP gateway (MVPFXS-24) is for use within a relatively small area such as an apartment building or a call center. Analog equipment connects to the MultiVOIP gateway’s 24 FXS ports, and a user supplied IP router connects to the gateway using its 10/100 Ethernet® interface. Calls can then be sent through the MultiVOIP gateway over the IP network to other VoIP equipped locations or possibly to a central control center for PSTN routing.

The new MultVOIP VoIP gateway (Model MVPFXS-24) provides telephone and fax connectivity to the Internet or an intranet for up to 24 FXS (Foreign Exchange Station) devices. These devices can include analog phones, fax machines and legacy key system/PBX equipment access ports. The MVPFXS-24 also includes one 10/100 Ethernet interface for connecting a user-supplied router. With FXS equipment and router connected, the MultiVOIP VoIP gateway integrates voice and fax communications into the data stream of the connected IP network. The MultiVOIP VoIP gateway supports the SIP protocol suite for IP voice communications, voice compression to 5.3K per call including ITU G.723 and G.729, T.38 real-time fax relay for interoperability with other VOIP equipment, DiffServ protocol voice prioritization, along with configuration and management using a web browser or Windows.

Multi-Tech Systems is an ISO 9001:2000 certified global manufacturer of award-winning telephony, Internet and device networking products that connect voice and data over IP networks, add connectivity to equipment using embedded technologies, and provide the latest in cellular wireless technologies. With a 34-year history of inventing products known for their reliability and performance, Multi-Tech Systems still employs the same mission on which the company was founded: to provide solutions that solve real business problems. To reinforce this philosophy, Multi-Tech Systems prides itself on developing and fostering mutually beneficial long-term relationships with its worldwide network of technology partners, sales channels and customers

Privately held, Multi-Tech Systems has over 60 U.S. patents and numerous international patents. The company’s intellectual property portfolio includes patents covering transmission of multiplexed voice, data and video packets used in technologies such as Internet telephony, PC telephony, voice over IP or frame relay, and DSVD modems. For additional information http://www.multitech.com.


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