Press Release - May 2003
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Inaugural BuilConn Forum Leaves Enduring Impression on Systems Integrators

DALLAS, TX  - For the very first time more than 200 leading members of the systems integration community converged in Dallas, TX, April 23-25, for the premier BuilConn Forum to participate in a groundbreaking event that combined every discipline of the building systems industry.

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The BuilConn Forum brought together manufacturers, dealers, contractors and integrators to explore the benefits of total building systems integration. In attendance were the principals of the industry's major players from manufacturing and systems integration companies to the leaders of open systems philosophies. Members from the HVAC, Security, Lighting, Access Control and IT communities were present.

With all sides of the integration story represented at the conference, it was vital that the content represented all sides of the story in an unbiased manner. BuilConn hosted more than 70 presenters delivering more than 100 presentations throughout 40 sessions-mostly panel-based-on topics including technology-based principles such as Web Services and XML and philosophical subjects such as interoperability.

The convergence of IT and building systems was the dominant topic of interest, and a vast majority of the discussions and presentations centered on TCP/IP and XML technologies. BACnet and LONWORKS® leaders were united in a moderated discussion to openly discuss their views of the benefits of open systems and expectations on how their respective technologies will play a role in tomorrow's world of TCP/IP- and Web Services-based building systems.

"Finding this group of open-minded open systems people who are willing to discuss objectively all platforms to truly give the owner what he wants was inspirational," Ken Sinclair, editor of, said.

contemporary The Building Systems Expo at BuilConn hosted many exhibitors further representing the multitude of disciplines in the building systems industry. The exhibitors benefited from an exclusive audience of highly targeted building systems and IT professionals making it an ideal event to recruit distribution and reach the executive decision makers.

The BuilConn Forum symbolizes a new thought process in terms of how industry professionals go to business. It was recognized throughout the three-day event that the key to success is the ability to recognize individual strengths and cultivate relationships with individuals and companies who can round out services to ultimately benefit the customers-the building owner and manager.

"No one is an expert in every aspect of systems integration, and the audience was very receptive and willing to learn new points of view, business models and technologies that will help them be more successful in the future," Anto Budiardjo, President of Clasma, Inc. and BuilConn Organizer, said. "The camaraderie present at BuilConn was contagious and is paving new ground for a new breed of systems integrators."

BuilConn 2004 will be held April 14-16 in Dallas, TX. Please visit for further information.

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