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Realcomm 2003

Q - Where will some of the top Commercial Real Estate news stories come from this year? 
A - Realcomm 2003, June 4th & 5th at Navy Pier in Chicago!

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Dot.Bomb and telecommunications carnage are finally behind us. While it might have slowed progress down for some, the really smart Commercial Real Estate companies never stopped believing in the benefits of automation and technology. Over the last 24 months, these companies have been quietly reshaping their firms and are now ready to start talking about some of the most interesting changes to our industry in years! Realcomm is not only about technology, the Internet, business solutions or building automation, it is about a radical new way of looking at how we design, build, lease, manage, transact and use Commercial Real Estate!

Following are just a few of the topics that will be discussed at Realcomm 2003:

  • Commercial Information Exchanges (CIE) Now In Over 28 Markets

  • Paperless Strategy Aggressively Pursued By GMAC Commercial Mortgage

  • Equity Office Sets New Industry Benchmark With Aggressive Automation Strategy

  • Technology Impacting Corporate Space Design And Facilities Management

  • Jones Lang LaSalle Reinvents Professional Services In The Commercial Real Estate Industry

  • National Brokerage Company Expands Virtually, Sperry Van Ness Having Great Success

  • Cisco Systems Utilizes The Internet To Facilitate Portfolio Wide Security Strategy

  • contemporary Internet Building Automation Industry Poised For Explosive Growth

  • Giving Broadband Access To Tenants For Free, Sentre Partners Thinks It Is The 4th Utility

  • 15 Data Standards Groups Emerge In The Industry, “Digital Transactions” Getting Closer

  • New Office Experience Results In 100% Occupancy For Enfrastructure While Market Hovers At 80%

  • Hewlett Packard Introduces Its Intelligent Building Solutions Group to the Industry

  • Appraisal Institute and CABA Join Forces to Value Next Generation Commercial Real Estate

  • Real Estate Lawyers Form Technology Task Force To Address Emerging Business Issues

  • New Generation Property Management Companies Substantially Increasing Their Profit Margins

  • Wireless Hotspots in Office Buildings Will Be A Common Amenity In The Near Future

  • 16 Industry Groups Co-Locate With Realcomm At Navy Pier In Chicago


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