May 2004
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Carbon Monoxide A Clear and Present Danger

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Bacharach, the premiere manufacturer of combustion analysis products, and the ESCO Institute announce that they have teamed up and developed a new training manual “Carbon Monoxide: A Clear and Present Danger” This manual is the collaborative effort of several of the brightest minds in the field of carbon monoxide detection, combustion analysis, and remediation.

Carbon Monoxide: A Clear and Present Danger, is divided into three sections:

Section 1—Carbon Monoxide (CO) Explains; what CO is, how CO is produced, health effects of CO exposure, how to respond an alarm, basic testing procedures, code compliance and exposure standards. Section 2—Combustion: An in depth explanation combustion analysis, troubleshooting and remediation of CO production for both gas and oil fired appliances such as; boilers, furnaces, hot water heaters, clothes dryers, etc.

Section 3—Pressure Measurements: A primer on how building pressures effect the distribution of carbon monoxide.

Carbon Monoxide a Clear and Present Danger is available through wholesalers, schools and online bookstores across the country.

Educators and Trainers can obtain an instructor’s guide for “Carbon Monoxide: A Clear and Present Danger”.

For more information on “Carbon Monoxide: A Clear and Present Danger” or other publications available, contact ESCO Institute at or contact Bacharach at 


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