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CABA's Intelligent & Integrated Buildings Council

CABA's mission is to encourage the development, promotion, pursuit and understanding of integrated systems and automation in homes and buildings.

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The CABA Intelligent & Integrated Buildings Council works to strengthen the large building automation industry through innovative technology-driven research projects.  The Council and its activities are currently sponsored by Siemens Building Technologies Inc., Honeywell Global Marketing, Federal Buildings Initiative, Industry Canada, the National Research Council of Canada and the US Department of Energy.

The Council was established in 2001 by CABA to specifically review opportunities, strategize, take action and monitor initiatives that relate to integrated systems and automation in the large building sector.

Our projects promote the next generation of intelligent building technologies, plus a whole-building approach that optimizes building performance and savings.  Detailed information can be found at:

Current initiatives that would benefit from your input: 

CABA's Intelligent & Integrated Buildings Council pursues its projects through specific task forces dedicated to the development of concise research and tools related to the intelligent building sector.

Task Force 1 - Intelligent Building Ranking System--in conjunction with the Appraisal Institute, this Task Force is developing an online tool intended to assist building owners/managers, the commercial real estate industry and other industry stake holders to assess the level of integrated systems within a building (a Building Intelligence Quotient - BIQ) and the associated increase in value that is created by the building intelligence.

Task Force 3 - The Life-Cycle Cost Analysis of Intelligent and Integrated Systems--To help prove to stakeholders that IBT is less expensive, a tool is being developed that will help design professionals, system integrators and building owners identify where costs come from when developing an intelligent building, and how these costs can be justified using proven techniques.

Task Force 5 - Demo Project--TENG Solutions is being contracted to assess the possible real benefits associated with implementing intelligent building technologies in a retrofit. CABA has an Agreement signed with the National Research Council to transform the building where CABA has its offices (1950's-era concrete block, institutional building) into a world-class high performance building.

Finally, CABA continues to showcase members, products/services and research/information from the IB sector.  The next opportunity for industry to learn and profit is at CABA's Connect 2005, which will be a part of Realcomm 2005.  These events will be held alongside BOMA International's Conference at the Anaheim Convention Center, June 25-28, 2005.  See or contact CABA staff at 888.798.CABA (2222) or 613.990.7407. 


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